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Martin A. Walker Research Group

Students currently or recently working in our group, plus organic lab teaching assistants (as of May 2015)

Walker research group May 2015

From left to right: Jascha Teibel, Mecca Wright, Jennifer Ebert (TA), Lindsay Johnson, Aiden Farragher-Gnadt, Kassandra Rosado, Laurene Tuider, Mihael Gerkman, Kathleen Morrissey (TA), Kaylyn Jeror, John Welch, Hannah Jones, Martin Walker, Moussa Kane, David Merced.

Vinyl sulfone/sulfoxide synthesis:

John Welch, David Merced, Kaylyn Jeror, Hannah Jones, Lindsay Johnson, Jascha Teibel, Aiden Farragher-Gnadt

Bis-vinyl sulfone for polymer cross-coupling:

Mihael Gerkman, Kallee Frego

Organocopper chemistry:

Kassandra Rosado, Laurene Tuider

Green chemistry labs:

Mecca Wright

Functionalized graphene (continuation of Anthony Molinero project):

Moussa Kane

Snowbrush secondary metabolites (continuation of Anthony Molinero project):

Leonides Brito

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