Department of Biology

SUNY Potsdam

Spring 2007


Instructor:        Dr. Jan Trybula



T.A. Brown. 2007. Genomes 3 (third edition). Garland Science Publishing.

ISBN: 0-8153-4138-5

Pechenik. 2006. A Short Guide to Writing About Biology, sixth edition. Pearson/Longman

ISBN: 0-321-38592-6



Biology 311


Course content and What to expect:

Molecular genetics concentrates on the details of concepts introduced in general genetics. After a review of basic biochemical information, we will concentrate on replication, transcription, translation, and the regulation of all these processes. After an overview of each chapter, we will emphasize a few key points of that chapter. Also be aware that the information in the text represents the currently accepted hypothesis on how these processes occur. The information presented will most likely be modified or even shown to be incorrect by future research.

Also, this is a (WI) writing intensive course. Part of the course will be understanding how to read and write various biology papers. We will examine and summarize recently published articles refine our writing skills in biology.