SUNY Potsdam
Department of Biology
Spring 2008
Instructor: Dr. Jan Trybula
205-A Stowell Hall

Text: P. Turnpenny & S. Ellard, 2007
Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics, 13th edition
Churchill Livingstone (an Elsevier Publisher)
ISBN-10: 0702029173
ISBN-13: 9780702029172
Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics
J. Pechenik, 2007
A Short Guide to Writing About Biology, 6th edition
Longham / Prentice Hall Publishers
ISBN-10: 0321385926
ISBN-13: 9780321385925
A Short Guide to Writing About Biology 6th edition
Course description:
An examination of human genetic disease from all three aspects of genetics: Mendelian inheritance, molecular genetics, and population genetics. We will examine certain diseases and try to understand the current knowledge of how the disease presents itself and, in turn, what is the normal gene function.
Prerequisites: BIOL 105 or BIOL 311, and at least Junior standing; or permission of instructor.
Writing Intensive.
Course content and What to expect:

This course will examine the transmission, molecular basis, and population and societal implications of genetic-based diseases. We will examine some diseases in depth and through reviews of current literature, discuss our current knowledge of a variety of diseases. In studying these diseases we will also learn more about how the “normal” form of these traits function. Human Genetic Diseases is a writing intensive course. As such, aspects of writing in the discipline will be emphasized throughout the course. This information will not just be “added-on,” but will be part of the course material. We will discuss how to write successfully in the biological sciences, with emphasis on writing and reading about genetic diseases. Be aware that the information presented in the text and assigned readings represents the currently held hypotheses on how these processes occur. These hypotheses will most likely be modified or even shown to be incorrect by future research.
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