SUNY Potsdam
Department of Biology
Spring 2008
Instructor: Dr. Jan Trybula
205-A Stowell Hall
Cummings "Human Heredity" 7th edition cover
Text: Cummings, 2006
Human Heredity: Principles and Issues, 7th edition
Brooks/Cole - Thomson
ISBN-10: 0495113085
ISBN-13: 978-0495113089
Course description from Undergraduate Catalog:
Human genetics, including transmission of genes, genetic ratios, chromosomal defects, sex determination, population considerations, introduction to DNA and gene functions, and moral dilemmas facing society. Nonmajors only.
Course content and What to expect:

Genetics impacts many aspects of our lives. We get certain traits from our parents and give them to our children. Our foods have been genetically bred over millennia and today many foods have been genetically modified by gene manipulation. The Human Genome Project is being used to help identify genes that, when mutated, lead to certain diseases. DNA evidence is often used in legal cases. And medicine, politics, and ethics are currently clashing over issues such as human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. Genetics is frequently in the news, so a through grasp of its topics and unique vocabulary is necessary to understand how it is reported in the media and understood by the general public. It seems that nearly every day something new occurs in genetics and yet the underlying theories often remain the same. It is our understanding of the mechanisms behind those theories that are changing, not the theories themselves.
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