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Yup. More useless information to wade through on your trip down the old Info-Superhighway. (Can you spell: "Done to death?") Still, I'm glad you've decided to pull off the road and "set a spell." Please feel free to email me or Facebook me.

Goddess of Social Psychology(c)

In my spare time (!), I teach Social Psychology, History of Psychology, and Psychology Seminar at SUNY Potsdam, a small 4 year college in northern New York state. I am also the Psychology department chair. Here is my "official" campus web profile. Just because I am a nerd, here is a link to my business card.

And, of course, here's a link to the fantabulous Psychology department home page and a link to SUNY Potsdam's web server if you'd like to pay us a visit. Would you like some information about SUNY? From this link, you can apply to any of the SUNY schools! (Of course, we hope you'll choose Potsdam.)

Additional Psychology information can be found at the following sites:

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How hot / cold / rainy / snowy / dry / windy is it in the North Country today?
Here's the local weather and forecast from the Weather Channel.

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Geography -- The coolest places on the planet.....
Literati Links -- You too can be an intellectual.... or just look like one.
The Gallery -- C'mon... admit it! You're curious, aren't you??
Test your vision --This link is guaranteed to do it!

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