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Nahuatl Source Materials

Joe Campbell of Indiana University, along with his students and field informants has made important contributions to the study of Nahuatl. Based upon his extensive research he has provided this site with several important source materials. These include

·  A tri-dialectical vocabulary based on González Casanova's Cuentos Indígenas. on Librado Silva Galeana's various stories published in Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl and the Nahuatl account of the Mexican Revolution by doña Luz Jiménez, known in English as Life and Death in Milpa Alta

·  A morphological dictionary based upon many different sources, including Fr. Alonso de Molina's Vocabulario.

·  A Vocabulary for use with the Florentine Codex, listing all of the Nahuatl words with English glosses.


Tri-Dialectical Vocabulary

List of Nahuatl Morphemes

Vocabulary for the Florentine Codex

Recently a new resource has come on line. This is the Analytic Dictionary of Ameyaltepec Nahuatl, part of a comprehensive effort to document and teach the Nahuatl spoken in Ameyaltepec, a Nahuatl-speaking village of central Guerrero, Mexico. It is available in a Hyperlex Search Engine:

Analytic Dictionary of Ameyaltepec Nahuatl



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