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Nahuatl is the Nahuatl discussion list. Nahuatl is an unmoderated discussion list which focuses on Aztec [Nahua] studies in general and the Aztec language, Nahuatl, in particular.

The languages of the list are English and Spanish, although scholars are encouraged to submit pieces in Nahuatl.

Scholars interested in beginning projects will find the list useful in determining if others are already working in a particular field. The list may also be used to answer questions about Nahuatl translations, historical details, and all aspects of Nahua life and culture. Anthropologists, archeologists, linguists, historians, and all interested in the Nahua, are welcome to participate.

The list will be used as a primary means of publishing materials related to the study of Nahua culture, such as the guide to Aztec language manuscripts which was begun in Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl.

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Over the many years that Nahuat-l has been in existence many interesting topics have been discussed.  Since the summer of 2001 these discussions have been housed in the Nahuat-l Discussion List Archive.  Follow this link for information on the archives: Nahuat-l Discussion List Archives.

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