Books on Nahuatl

Campbell, R. Joe and Frances Karttunen, Foundation Course in Nahuatl Grammar. Vol. I: Text and Exercises; vol. II: Vocabulary and Key; 336 pp. & 272 pp. $40.00 for both volumes, shipping included ($55.00 for European addresses) [price subject to change without notice].

This introduction to Nahuatl was prepared for a six-week summer course at the Univ. of Texas at Austin in 1989. Even though these authors describe their work as a "foundation course for learning Nahuatl," in truth it is much more than this because they in fact deliver a thorough grammatical analysis of the language. The first volume contains a detailed grammatical portion, complemented by practical exercises. The second volume is a thematic vocabulary, also including morphological and syntactical exercises. It is currently the only comprehensive introduction to Nahuatl available in English.

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