Tenochtitlan glyph from Codex Mendoza

Nahuat-l Archives

This page serves as the gateway to the Nahuat-l archives. If you wish to consult a a item posted on Nahuat-l, you may obtain a listing of the archived messages by sending this message:

index nahuat-l

to the listserv address:


This will provide you with the archived files according to date.
Once you have found the date of the archived file which interests you, send the following to retrieve it via e-mail:

get nahuat-l [filename]

Such as:

get nahuat-l nahuat-l.970314 (where 970314 is the name of the file which interests you)

to the majordomo address:listserv@lists.umn.edu

For further information on the Archive function, consult the listserv software web site.

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