2013 Northeastern Group of Nahuatl Studies Conference at Yale

2013 Northeastern Group of Nahuatl Studies Conference at Yale

There will be a $35 registration fee, payable by check or cash.

Friday, May 10

Papers and Presentations
Nahuatl in Colonial Religious Texts:

1:00-1:30. David Tavarez, "A Banned Biblical Text in Nahuatl: The Proverbs of Solomon"

1:30-2:00. Angélica Calabrese, "Hybridization and Resistance in Early Colonial Mexico: Exploring Representations of Women in 'Final Judgment,' a 16th century Nahua Religious Drama."

2:00-2:30. Break.

2:30-3:00. Louise M. Burkhart, "The 'Castaño' and 'Molina' Versions of the 'Doctrina Pequeña' in Nahuatl Pictographic Catechisms"

3:00-3:30. Benjamin Johnson, "Two early versions of the 'Nican mopohua' apparition story"

3:30-4:00. Break

4:00-6:30. Documents

1. Richard M. Conway, "Petition calling for a criminal investigation, submitted by the governor, don Diego Juárez, and fellow cabildo members, against Juan Maestre, a supervisor of tribute collection for the Marquesado del Valle, to the corregidor of Xochimilco, October 21, 1650"

2. Jon Truitt, "Nican Aqui ypan huey Altepetl Ciudad en el Pueblo Grande Ciudad Mexico," (1602) and "Fiscal report to the friars as San Francisco," (1655)

7:00. Dinner

Saturday, May 11

Issues of Contemporary Nahuatl

9:00-9:30. Magnus Pharao Hansen, "A New Aspect of Hueyapan Nahuatl"

9:30-10:00. Claudia Zavala Amaro, "Kenin onoskaltih ika in notlahtolwan - Como crecí con mis idiomas"

10:00-10:30. Break.

10:30-11:00. James M. Taggart, "Water Animals in the Collective Memory of the Nahuat of Huitzilan"

11:00-11:30. Alan and Pamela E. Sandstrom, "Ochpantli: The Nahua Sweep Away Disorder in a Diminishing World"

11:30-2:00. Lunch and documents

1. Annette Richie, "A late 16th century Tecamachalco confraternal constitution."

2. R. Joe Campbell, "Morphological Problems in the Florentine Codex and Molina's dictionaries."

2:00-2:30. Break.

Authority and Language before and after the conquest

2:30-3:00. Molly Bassett, "Wrapped in Cloth, Clothed in Skin: Aztec Tlaquimiloltin (Sacred Bundles)." (via videoconference)

3:00-3:30. Jerome Offner, "Codex Xolotl, the Nahua graphic communication system, and Nahua historiography: A new kind of translation project."

3:30-4:00. Break

4:00-4:30. Kelly McDonough, "Performances of Tlaxcalan Authority and Rights in the Annals of don Juan Buenaventura Zapata y Mendoza."

4:30-5:00. James Maffie, "Three Patterns of Transformation in the 5th Sun-Earth Ordering"

The meetings will be held at:

Yale University
Luce Hall, Room 203,
34 Hillhouse Avenue,
New Haven, CT.

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The organizers include:
Caterina Pizzigoni (cp2313 at columbia.edu)
John Sullivan (idiez at me.com)
Louise Burkhart (burk at albany.edu)
John F. Schwaller (schwallr at potsdam.edu)

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