William L. Romey, Ph.D.
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Bees & Pollination Biology


How many bee species are native to your area? It turns out that in most areas the answer is not known despite the important pollination services they provide. Nor is it known what the impact of human disturbance has on their diversity. Several recent articles have shown that bee populations are declining in Europe, but the cause is not understood. My students and I have been studying bee communities in the Adirondack Mountains since 2002. We did an intensive study using pan traps near Saranac Lake in a silviculture research area and up the Whiteface Mountain road. In the first study, we found 48 species of Apoidea (native bees) in 12 genera and 5 families. Furthermore, we found that the diversity and abundance of bees increased as the percentage of trees removed was greater (Romey et al. 2008). We hope to repeat these studies every 5-6 years to see if there is a change in overall diversity.

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