Why Repositories Struggle

Jenica P. Rogers-Urbanek
College Libraries, SUNY Potsdam
June 15, 2007

Library implementations of repositories aren't easy!

In fact, they're kind of doomed, if you think about it...

Communications breakdowns:

Repositories implemented by libraries often struggle because we don't know how to talk about them effectively.

What we see:

What faculty may see:

Approaches to consider:

Listen to the experts

Dorothea Salo, Digital Repository Librarian at the University of Wisconsin, author of the blog Caveat Lector, "Throw your own spaghetti."
"Sometimes they're asking "How can I make faculty deposit?" Same answer: you can't. You don't control faculty behavior. That leaves you some choices: you can lobby the people who do control faculty behavior, you can dangle carrots in front of faculty, you can take it out of faculty hands, you can build on what faculty are already doing, or you can hope for serendipity."
she continues,
"What all this grumpiness amounts to is, I am still throwing spaghetti at the wall like a mad thing. I don't know and can't tell you which strands will stick where you are. If you want to do this, throw your own spaghetti, and then let's get together and talk about what stuck."
To talk about what you've thrown, and what's stuck, check out the IR Managers website, which has a mailing list, a forum, and generally strives to connect you to people who have the same problems you do, and maybe some answers.