Romeyn Prescott

Current Employment

SUNY Potsdam, Computing & Technology Services

Supervisor: Eric Johnston-Ortiz

44 Pierrepont Avenue

Potsdam, NY  13676


Employed 12/96 - present

  Presently Director of Academic Computing and Acting Chief Information Officer.  Work with campus Faculty to ensure for their technology-based curricular needs.  Part of campus leadership team, I participate in President’s Council as well as provide leadership to all of CTS. Also work and coordinate with SUNY peers.

Previous Employment

U-Compute Ltd. (No longer in business.)

President:  George Turrentine

6 Booth Drive

Plattsburgh, NY  12901


Employed 1/94-12/96

   Field Representative to St. Lawrence County, NY.  Duties included sales, product support, troubleshooting of all kinds (hardware, software, network), installation and maintenance of ethernet networks in private, corporate, and educational areas, and light repair work.  Worked independently from my own apartment.

   Also employed as Service Manager.  Responsible for initiating, implementing, and tracking repairs of all types of computer (and related) equipment both in the Plattsburgh store and in the field (on-site).  Also handled a good deal of telephone and on-site tech support.

Crawford Door & Window Company

President:  Richard Malossi

Third Avenue Extension

Rensselaer, NY  12144


Employed 6/93-1/94

Store Manager.  Responsible for overall operation of The Pella Window Store run by Crawford Door & Window Company in Plattsburgh, NY.  This included supervision of two employees; ordering of materials; and consulting with homeowners, contractors, and architects both in the store and in the field.  Service territory: Clinton, Essex, and Franklin counties of New York State. 

Lawson Office Products

General Manager: Gary Ducatte

P.O. Box 1263

Plattsburgh, NY  13676


Employed 10/92-6/93

Sales Representative.  Responsible for servicing existing accounts and canvassing new prospects in Clinton, Essex, and Franklin counties of New York State.  Marketed Savin line of photocopiers.

Distributed Computing (Now Computing & Technology Services)

Director: Robert Jewett

Potsdam College (Now SUNY Potsdam)

Potsdam, NY  13676


Employed academic school year, 9/87-5/92

I started out volunteering my services to the Academic Computing office during my Freshman year at Potsdam College.  They hired me as a student my Sophomore Year, and valued my services enough to hire me full-time for the duration of the Spring, 1992 semester.  My duties included (but were not limited to):

Lab monitor

Responsible for smooth operation of computer center.  Helped patrons with the operation of Apple

Macintosh, IBM, and Campus Mainframe Computers.

General Troubleshooter

Helped students and faculty with virtually any problem they had, from computer viruses to damaged files. 

Also resolved various hardware problems.

Network Installer

Responsible for installing EtherNet cards into Faculty computers (Macs and PCs) and connecting them to the

campus EtherNet network.  Also involved in installation of wires and faceplates and troubleshooting physical

network failure.

Faculty/Staff Tutor

Trained Faculty and Staff in use of Electronic Mail interface and various other applications on their desktop computers.

Ausable Chasm Recreation Center Inc.

General Manager: Walt Page/Patty Stone (no longer with the company)

Kampground Manager: Rod Hanley (deceased)

Ausable Chasm, NY  12911


Employed Summers, 1985-1993

I worked 9 summers at the KOA Kampground owned by the ACRC.  My duties covered all aspects of the Kampground's operation including general maintenance, customer relations, retail sales, and cash management (cash-up and bank deposits).  As shift-supervisor, I worked closing (evening) shift and was responsible for the Kampground and its other employees when the Manager was off-duty.

Student Union Manager

Manager: Joe Sarnoff (deceased)

Potsdam College (Now SUNY Potsdam)


Responsible for the Thomas M. Barrington Student Union during non-business hours.  Duties included general building security, preparing meeting space for groups with evening activities, and nightly lockup of the facility.

Office Assistant

Supervisor: Dr. Joy Hughes, Associate Vice-President for Information Services

Potsdam College (Now SUNY Potsdam)

Assisted in the development and formatting of user documentation for Banner Forms™ information retrieval interface with Oracle database.  I was also a member of the staff that trained faculty in the use of Banner.