What's a "signat-url"?

by Romeyn Prescott

One day I noticed my .sig file included in someone's reply to a message I had sent. Ridiculous. Full name, address, a bunch of phone numbers, E-mail addresses, pager info, IM info, an "inspirational" quote (that really only means anything to me)...  How many times does someone need to see that? And how many messages do I send that are SHORTER than my actual "signature"?

So I came up with this idea! I've dubbed it the "signat-url". (In case you're having a slow day, that's "signature" with slight letter-play at the tail-end.) I pronounce it "SIG-na-choo-are-el" which is reasonably close to the original "signature". Instead of the bulk of text at the end of every E-mail message I send, there will be a single url. To my knowledge, it's something original up with which I exclusively have come. I therefore copyright (c) 1999 the term "signat-url". Use it all you want. Tell your friends. Just don't try and make money with it!

My signat-url.