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Kazem Mahdavi, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics
Math. Dept. SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam, NY 13676
Tel: 315 267 2095
Fax: 315 267
email: mahdavk@potsdam.ed



Ph.D. Mathematics. (Group Theory), Dec. 1983, Binghamton Univ.

M. A. Mathematics.(minor in Statistics), May 1980, Binghamton Univ.

B.S./M.S., Mech. Engineering, March 1976, Faculty of Eng. Tehran Univ. Tehran, Iran.


Visiting Professor, 9/96-8/97 Cornell Univ.

Full Professor, 9/91-present, SUNY Potsdam

Adjunct Professor,9/99-present, Clarkson Univ.

Associate Professor, 9/86-9/91, SUNY Potsdam

Assistant Professor, 9/83-9/86, SUNY Potsdam

Teaching Assistant, 1/79-5/83, Binghamton Univ.

Project Engineer, 11/77-8/78, French-Iranian, Design Eng. Co., Tehran,

Grants Received:

NSF Grant, 1999-2004, to Direct the Clarkson/Potsdam Institute for Undergraduate Research Experience (CPIURE)

NSF Grant, 1997-1998, to Direct CPIURE

NSA Grant (2000-2001, to expand CPIURE

NSF Grant, 2000-2001, to expand CPIURE to include high school teachers

Office of Educational Partnership Grants, 2000-2001 to expand CPIURE for high school teachers

Potsdam University(Germany) Grant (Dec. 1993 & Dec. 1995, Summer 1996 & Summer 1998) to travel to potsdam Germany to collaborate with faculty members at Potsdam University(Germany)

SUNY Potsdam Grant,1992-1998 (six different grants), to do research, and to involve undergraduates in research.

Some Recent Publications/Submissions in Mathematics

"Virtually Abelian Subgroups of Biautomatic Groups," International Journal of Algebra and Computation, Submitted.

"The Order of Normal form Hypersubstitutions of Type (2)," Discussiones Mathematicae, 20(2000) 183-192. (Joint with K. Denecke).

"Lattice Isomorphic Mixed Abelian Groups," Arch. Math, Vol. 60, 327-329 (1993). (Joint with J. Poland).

"Lattice Isomorphic Abelian Groups," Arch. Math., Vol. 58, 220-230(1992). (Joint with J.Poland).

"A Classification of 2-Generator 2-Groups with many Subgroups 2-Subnormal," Communications in Algebra, 15 (4), 713-750 (1987).

"On Groups with every Subgroup 2-Subnormal," Arch. Math., Vol. 47,  (1986), 289-292 (1986).

"A Classification of 2-Generator, p-groups, p33, with many Subgroup 2-Subnormal," Arch. Math. 43, (1984) pp. 97-107.

"A Special Class of Three-Engel Groups," Arch. Math. 40, (1983), pp. 193-99.

Publications In Education:

"Clarkson University--SUNY Potsdam Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (REU)," Proceeding of American Mathematical Society Conference on Undergraduate Research, 1999.

"On Attracting Mathematics Majors," News letter, Humanistic Mathematics Network, Journal # 8, July 1993.

Work in Progress:

Co-authoring a book on application of mathematics to physics.

Working on a paper on Automatic Groups.

Teaching Experience:

Twenty two years of pedagogical experience at Binghamton University, Cornell University, Clarkson University, and SUNY Potsdam. I have taught mathematics courses at the graduate, upper undergraduate, and lower undergraduate levels. I have also taught mathematics courses for non-mathematics majors (for more detail see Teaching Philosophy).

Guided more than seventeen (17) independent study courses at the graduate level for BA/MA students at SUNY Potsdam and graduate students at Clarkson University (for more detail see Teaching Philosophy).

Honors, Awards, & Some Other Activities

Mathematics Colloquium speaker: Clarkson University, SUNY Albany, Carleton University (Ottawa), Queens University (Kingston), Pomona College, Iranian Mathematics conference, and Potsdam University (Potsdam Germany).

I have been acknowledged for my contributions to the newly published book, Cambridge University Press, Conceptual Mathematics, by W. Lawvere, and S. Schanuel. (Lawvere is an eminent logician, philosopher, and mathematician).

I have been acknowledged for my contribution to the important paper "Central Quotients of Biautomatic Groups," by Lee Mosher, Comm.Math. Helv..

A member of Mathematics Education delegate to China, (Sept 22-Oct7, 2000.)

A referee for Undergraduate Poster Session at AMS-MAA annual meeting, Jan. 2000, Washington D.C.

An elected member of Council on Undergraduate Research, Jan. 2000-2002.

Visiting Professor at the Mathematics Department of Cornell University, 1996-1997.

An elected member of Phi Kappe Phi, 1999-present.

President of Phi Kappe Phi, 2001-2002.

President's Award for Excellence in Research & Creative Endeavor, Spring 1996.

Potsdam, Germany visitor awards (to collaborate with mathematics faculty in

Potsdam, Germany), Fall 1993 & 1995 and Summer 1996 & 98.

Visiting Lecturer of The Mathematical Association of America, 1995-1998.

Seven times recipient of merit awards from SUNY Potsdam.

PDQWL Experience Faculty Travel Award, Summer 1992 & 1993, Spring 1994 & 1995, Summer 1998, Fall 1999 & 2000.

Editor's Choice award in poetry. National Library of Poetry, Summer 1994.

Presented more than 17 talks at national mathematical/mathematics education conferences.

Assisted SUNY Potsdam with its fund raising effort. (I received a certificate in recognition of my outstanding work on the Fall 1991 Phonathon.)

Completed several mini-courses on the use of technology in the classroom.

Completed several short courses in Representation Theory, Scientific application of Knot Theory, Lie Theory, and Quantum Computations.

Reviewed books for publishing companies.



Attended more than forty mathematics conferences over last ten years.

Arranged and managed many trips for students to mathematical conferences/to present a talk or their poster.

Arranged and managed visit of many out side speakers to SUNY Potsdam to present talks

Attended three Holiday Symposiums in Las Cruses, New Mexico focussing on Fermat's Last Theorem, Lie Theory, and Quantum Field Theory.

Co-sponsor of SUNY Potsdam mathematics department Pi Mu Epsilon, Sept. 87-Feb.1990.

Composed Ph.D. Qualification Examinations in Algebra for Clarkson University students.

Committees Served:

Has served on many committees, and chaired some committees including: Honors Council, Chairman of Graduate Committee, elected member of the Departmental Committee, Hiring Committee, elected member of Chair Hiring Committee, Honors Council, Human Subject Institutional Review Board committee, Chair of many Master Algebra Comprehensive Committees, Chair and member of many Master Oral Examination Committees, and recently has been nominated to serve on Undergraduate Research Council (a national Committee).