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Interactions between Representation Theories, Knot Theory, Topology, Quantum Field Theory, Category Theory, and Mathematical Physics.

Funded by NSF, NSA, SUNY Potsdam, Clarkson University, & St. Lawrence University.      

SUNY Potsdam June 2-6, 2003




This workshop investigates the interactions between Representation Theories, Knot Theory, Topology, quantum Field Theory, Category Theory, and Mathematical Physics. This conference will be of great benefit to the researchers, recent Ph.Ds, and graduate students.

Some financial support is available for graduate students, recent Ph.Ds, and others who are qualified.

Total cost of room and board, on Campus, is $206.50
Participants who choose to stay on campus will be housed in Draime Hall
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Off Campus housing Hotel listing(you need to make your own reservation)

a block of rooms has been reserved at Clarkson Inn. For reservation
please call 1 800 790 6970, before May 15, 2003($89.00 for single, and$99.00 for double, per night). you need to mention SUNY Potsdam math. conference.

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financial support application

list of speakers include:

Louis Crane(KSU), Jeff Weeks(Canton), Nicolai Reshetikhin(Berkeley), Olaf Dreyer (Perimeter Inst.), Sam Lomonaco(UMBC), Lou Kauffman(Illinois, Chicago), Amnon Neeman(Australia), David Radford(UIC), David Yetter(KSU), Dror Bar-Natan(Toronto), Josef Przytcki(GWU), Andre Joyal(Montreal), Peter Freyd(Univ.of PA), Stephen Bigelow(Santa Barbara), John Armstrong (Yale), Susan Montgomery(USC), Fred Goodman (Iowa), Fernando Souza(U. Iowa), Vladimir Chernov(Dartmouth), Sofia Lambropoulou(Greece), Marta Asaeda(UM),


Louis Kauffman(Illinois, Chicago), David Radford(Illinois, Chicago), Georgia Benkart(Wisconsin), Duncan Melville(St. Lawrence), Kazem Mahdavi(potsdam)

There will also be a poster presentation session.

Contact: Kazem Mahdavi, mahdavk@potsdam.edu