Personal Pronunciation Preference

or, how to say ``Howald''

As the Eggheads from Grammar class would tell you, the answer is simple: Hwld. That's H is in Home, O as in O well, W as in Walk, A as in All, L as in Meld, D as in Filled. Which brings us back to Hwld, i.e., ``just as it's spelled.'' (The same eggheads would deride me for ``just like it's spelled.'')

But for us plain folk, there are easier ways to understand such things. At position 27 in the periodic table, sandwiched between Iron and Nickel, sits, conveniently, "Cobalt," whose vowel structure is identical to that of "Howald." One who has been hit in winter time with an orb of semifrozen water could reasonably be said to have been "snowballed", which matches not only vowel structure, but the "-ald" part perfectly.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1. That's -ow- as in "How about now I pronounce it like Tao?" right?
A1. No.

Q2. Should I soften the "a" so that it nearly rhymes "ogled?"
A2. No.

Q3. This name sounds German. Would you like me to treat it like a true German name, and pretend the "d" is a "t"?
A3. No. If you absolutely cannot control your Teutonic impulses, you must first restore the "Ho" to the original "Höch." Bist du ein Berliner?