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National Meeting of the Electrochemical Society

Denver, CO, May 7-12, 2006



A2 Nanotechnology Session 2

Co-Chairs:  M. Hepel and S. Kuwabata
Time Abs# Title and Authors
14:00 70 Hot-wire Chemical Vapor Deposition of WO3 and MoO3 Nanoparticles and the Performance of Nanostructured WO3 Electrochromic Films R. Deshpande (University of Tulsa), S. Lee, P. A. Parilla, K. Jones, H. Mahan, B. To (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), S. Mitra (University of Tulsa) and A. Dillon (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
14:20 71 Curvature Effects and Peculiar Underpotential Phenomena in Nanoporous Metallic Layers R. C. Newman, D. He, L. Lee, A. Carcea and R. Trueman (University of Toronto)
14:40 72 Electronic and Structural Properties of Si and Ge Nanowires A. Fazzio (Universidade de Sao Paulo), C. leao, J. Arantes and A. Roque da Silva (Instituto de Fisica - USP)
15:00 73 Effect of Organic Additives on Magnetic Properties of Electroplated Cu/Co Thin Films K. Hong (Chungnam National University)
15:20 74 Volume Shrinkage during Dealloying of Silver-gold Alloys S. Parida (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe), D. Kramer (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH) and J. Weissmuller (a) Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institut fur Nanotechnologie, 76021 Karlsruhe, Germany. b)Universitat des Saarlandes, Fachrichtung Technische Physik, Saarbrucken, Germany)
15:40 75 Quantum Confinement Phenomena in Metallic Conductance of Monoatomic Nanobridges M. Hepel (SUNY Potsdam)
16:00   Intermission (20 Minutes)
16:20 76 Study of the Effects of Electrodes on Nano Ba0.65Sr0.35TiO3 Oxide Material for Storage Application B. Ruthramurthy, S. Viswanathan and Y. Ho Kwang (Multimedia University)
16:40 77 Structural Properties of Ni-Fe Thin Films by Sono-electrochemical Route M. Ramasamy and S. Viswanathan (Multimedia University)
17:00 78 Particle ALD Based Ultrafast Electrical Surge Suppression Devices M. Weimer (University of Colorado), M. Groner (ALD NanoSolutions, Inc.), G. Zhan, D. M. King, S. M. George, L. Hakim and A. Weimer (University of Colorado)
17:20 79 The Mechanical, Thermal and Electronic Properties of Nanoscale Materials by Statistical Moment and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Methods K. M. Jindo (Tokyo Institute of Technology), V. Hung (Hanoi National Pedagogic University) and M. Menon (University of Kentucky)


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