A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Blueline in the Schools

The St. Regis Falls Project

Ironically, the Adirondack Park blueline begins almost at the property line of the St. Regis Falls Central School. Without realizing the significance, they can leave it behind simply by choosing to turn right instead of left. But they live here. They swim in the waters of this park; they walk its paths. They frolic on its mountains and they wish upon its stars. The children here may live on its fringes but they write about its heart; a heart that beats within each one of them. Sometimes we forget that the world we live in is only ours temporarily. It does, in fact, belong to our children, whose understanding of it may not always be our understanding of it. What follows are their words; their explanation for a world that waits, patiently, with open arms.

--Karen Wilson, project editor, 2003

The Lisbon Project

Blueline has found its way into local schools over the past few years. It begain with Karen Wilson and stemmed from there. Through these projects Blueline has recognized and showcased the artistic and creative talents of young students in the surrounding schools.

--Virginia French, project editor, 2002

The Canton Project

In keeping with Karen Wilson's pioneering project of bringing Blueline to a local high school to encourage students in their artistic and creative pursuits, I proposed to introduce Blueline to a seventh-grade classroom, in hopes of inspiring our young writers.

In my initial conversation with the students, I was pleasantly surprised at their eagerness and desire to contribute to Blueline and be part of our project. Their spirit and appreciation for nature and the surrounding Adirondack area, and their love for writing surpassed my expectations and filled me with a sense of hope for these young and talented writers who eagerly and expertly communicated their aptitude in so eloquent a manner.

--Alyssa Wood, project editor, 2002

The Franklin County Project

In the spring of 1999, Karen Wilson, then our public relations intern, proposed to take Blueline to the high schools in Franklin County, New York, to encourage students in their creative endeavors.  As part of her internship, she co-authored "Blueline in the Schools: Assessing Awareness, Developing Appreciation, and Encouraging Expression of Human Ecology in the Franklin County Secondary Student," a grant proposal that we subsequently submitted to Ram Chugh of the Merwin Rural Services Institute.

With the generous support of MRSI, Karen worked throughout the fall with Gregg Pratt (Tupper Lake High School), Jane Cousins (Franklin Academy), and Valerie Dunning (Brushton Moira Central School).  Nearly fifty students submitted poems, short stories and photography to this project.  In the end, twelve creative works were selected for this volume.  We thank all of the students and their teachers. Their efforts speak eloquently for them and for their schools.

--The Editors

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