A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Volume XX



Editor Rick Henry
Special Guest Editor Maurice Kenny
Poetry Editor      Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett
Fiction Editor Myra Gann
Art Editor Dan Mills
Founding Editor Alice Wolf Gilborn
Editorial Board John Cross
Robert Foster
Alan Steinberg
Anthony O. Tyler
Layout and Web Guru Pete Baker
Editorial Assistant Leilla Brooks
Interns    Jason Emerson
Jamie McKenty
Karen Wilson



Adirondack Water: Special Section Edited By Maurice Kenny

Raymond Pearson 67 Talk
Nathan Whiting 68 Under Them
69 The Ascent
Gene Frumkin 70 Yellow Water
Cathy Song 71 The Child Floats in a Sea of Grass
Mary Crow 73 Fountain
Bertha Rogers 74 Sap Month
Liz Rosenberg 75 Reading
76 Speechless
Stephen Lewandowski 77 Dream Swim
78 Drenched
Joseph Bruchac 79 Thunder
Hettie Jones 80 Global Warming
Bill Zipse 81 Night of the Long Knives
Rachel Hadas 82 The New Jersey Transit
Paul Pines 83 Entrance to the Underworld
Barry Silesky 84 The Sauna
Alan Steinberg 85 Retreat
86 The Waters of Zion
Clifford Trafzer 87 The Spring
Gerald Vizenor 89 Autumn
Eric Gansworth 90 Vulnerability
Rachel Guido DeVries 91 Waking
92 Morning
John Radigan 93 Meltwater
Lorraine Wilson 95 Shallow Tub


Maria Terrone 1 Beets
David Michael Nixon 2 Listen
3 In Melting Mist
Dianna Henning 4 Cashew Cones
Gwen Monohan 9 Meltdown
10 Cider Press
Zdena Hyblova Heller 11 Animal Lessons
Ted Olson 13 Swallows
Linda Batt 14 Snake Skin
R. L. Reddinger 20 April Burning
Judi Salsburg 21 Waking in a Tent Beside Pleasant Lake
Robert Schuler 22 May Inventory, the Red Cedar River
23 July Landscape
24 Cover
Eric Ormsby 32 Boundary Lines
33 Sycamore
34 My Grandfather's Pocket Watch
Alice Gilborn 36 Dakota Ridge
Sherry Fairchok 37 The Other Side
Simon Perchik 38 *
Anne Mausolff 42 June on Whiteface
Martha Highers 43 Heat Lightning
46 Waitress
Allan Peterson 48 This is Plenty
Ron Giles 49 Independence Day on Coffee Ridge
Kaye Bache-SNyder 53 Anniversary Rite
Charles Rafferty 54 In the Kittatinny Mountains: July 18, 1993
Askold Skalsky 58 Dawnbreak at Wells Ridge
James Fowler 59 Thunderstorm over Narragansett Bay
Sarah Van Arsdale 60 The Cottage on the Lake
Elizabeth Day Garton 61 Perch to Perch
62 For Leaving or Landing
Michele Mitchell-Weal 97 The Scottish Blanket
99 Gray
David Chura 101 On Schroon River at 40
Jeff Hardin 102 Measure for Jess Harper
Mark McKain 106 The Train Screams Past
E. G. Burrows 108 The Teacher-Bird
Judith Wisniewski 109 The Lighter
110 The Panama Hat
Laura Rodley 111 Permissible Partner
Thomas Kretz 114 Cultural Attache
Gaylord Brewer 115 The Man Who Married the WInd Divorces
Lee Slonimsky 116 Dragonflies in Love
Jo NElson 117 Chantey
Kristin Camitta Zimet 118 The Climb
James Neylon 119 The Poem the Pomegranate was the Least About
M. J. Iuppa 121 Imagine your village
122 Awake
123 Anything but empty
124 Face to face
Matthew J. Spireng 131 Late August (foe Cece)
132 Having to Put Down a Horse Stricken by Colic (for Kayo)
Brad Clompus 133 Phantom Pond
Claire Keyes 135 The Question of Rapture
137 Mountain Farm
Jeffrey Clapp 142 Walking the Glacier
Charles Sabukewicz 144 Fallen Pears
145 Beaver Cut
146 The Swallows at Coles Pond
Dixie Partridge 147 Ice Form, Remembered (Late, Waiting for a Teenaged Son)
Paul Bennett 148 Winter Solstice
Marjorie Maddox 152 Ithaca Winter
G. Timothy Gordon 153 Calligraphy
Ann Silsbee 156 White-Out
157 Leavings


Sally Honenberger 25 A Proper Upbringing
LUWanda Cheney 127 Nobody Asks Me


For A Modest God Eric Ormsby 158 Jason Emerson
RELAX YR FACE Albert Glover 160 Maurice Kenny
Field Notes from the Northern Forest Curt Stager 162 Alan Steinberg


Stephanie Coyne-Deghett Cover
Mary Cantline 5 Steer in Field
6 River Reflecting
7 No Title
8 No Title
Paul Davison & Dals Hobson 15 Five Rivers Project
Lucky deBellevue 39 No Title
40 No Title
41 No Title
Lisa K. Erf 50 Kitchen
51 Other Words I Wish to Know: A Picture of a Boy with a Microscope
52 Second Youth
Shelley Himmelstein 55 Downward Curve
56 Balcony Pine
57 Cosso/Viale
Laurie Hogin 103 Five Game Stew with WIld Mushrooms and Particulate Lead
104 Daphne
105 Ophelia
Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda 112 Tuscan Vineyard
113 Last Ones
Dennis McIlroy 120 December Exodus
William Newman 125 St Law
126 Le Chic
R. Paul Saphier 139 I, Eye
140 Landwaves
141 Origens Mediate
Pat Sennett 143 Irreconcilable Differences
Larry Webb 149 Kansas
150 Moon and Sand
151 Speckcinder
154 Portraits
Bob Witz 155 Faces

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