A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Vol XVI Cover


Anthony O. Tyler
Fiction Editor
Myra S. Gann
Poetry Editor

Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett

Editorial Board
John Cross
Jon Chatlos
Robert Foster
Homer Mitchell
Pete Baker
Editorial Assistant
Katina Morse
Founding Editor
Alice Wolf Gilborn


Featured Artists

Linda Strauss
"Blue Line Suite"
Lilac Dreams Front Cover
"Cascade Basin Back Cover
Tracery i
Strawberry Woods ii
Gelid Bugs 6
Lace 15
In Garments Green 47
Garden of Earthly Delights 87


Marjorie Maddox 1 Maple Seed: A Love Poem
Joanne Hayhurst 2 Memorial Day Parade
John O'Dell 3 Through A Paper Screen
Elizabeth Mische 4 In Ottawa For The First Time
Ann Chernow 6 Proselytes
Louise Grieco 7 Gathering at Nightfall
Judythe Stahl 8 Dory
Joan Connor 9 Ten Joyful Mysteries (story)
Vivian Shipley 16 In Braille
Eric Ormsby 17 Crows
Martin Scwhalbaum 18
Giant Mountain
Dennis Doherty 22 Out of the Sun
Annie Dawid 23 Tradition (story)
Dennis Pollock 31 Pulse
Kim Ports 32 Summer Storms
Margaret Edwards 34 Grief Dog
Eric Ormsby 36 An Oak Skinned by Lightning
Stephen R. Roberts 37 Quaker Chainsaw
Scott Edward Anderson 38 Dead Red Wing
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb 39 Birds and Atoms
Susan Verelon Stark 40 Tamber's Dream
Tim Strong 41 Good ol' Granny (story)
J. William Myers 48
Precis of a Country Editor
Like the Corner House
Gale Warner 50 Near Mount Robson, Canada
Linda Dyer 51 Nightfall
Gladys LaFlamme 52 After Eighty
Ann Mohin 53 The Apple Orchard (story)
CB Follett 58 Bloomfield Cemetery
Joyce Thomas 60 The Last Bulb
Dennis Doherty 62 Winter Critters
Carol Cloos 63 Soundings
Hugh Ogden 64 In the Air
Gladys LaFlamme 66 Sunday Morning
Kate Flaherty 67 On the Empty Shore
of a Manmade Lake
D.J. Durnam 68 Tell Me Who You Love, Roxy (story)
R. Lewis 79 The Planting
Eric Ormsby 80 Los Paramos
David Chura 82 Climbing in Silence
Scott Edward Anderson 84 Fallow Field
Roberta Gould 85 Larger
Stephen Applin 86 The Amber Wood
Andrea Carter Brown 87 Paradox
Ron Howland 89 Whiskey Dreams (story)
Nancy Lipson Cohen 97 My Apple Trees
Tony Cosier 98 Wild Apples
Matthew J. Spireng 99
Hay Mowed and Raked
Killing Chickens
CB Follett 100 Lake Winnipesaukee
Thomas Heise 101 Dedication
Donna Mendelson 102 Catatonk (essay)


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