A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Vol XV Cover


Anthony O. Tyler
Fiction Editor
Myra S. Gann
Poetry Editor

Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett

Editorial Board
John Cross
Jon Chatlos
Robert Foster
Homer Mitchell
Pete Baker
Editorial Assistant
Katina Morse
Founding Editor
Alice Wolf Gilborn



Sylvia Aronson 58 The Beginning
Carla L. Henry 43 Navaho Changing Woman
Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda
Secret Place, (Cinquain) Cover
Adirondack Park Centennial Sketches: White Pine i
Chickadee-dee ii
Off the Green Bridge, Thendara 6
Rock Wall 33
Path Study #5
Blueberry Stump,
Moose Lake
Path Study #2, Dickinson 42
Ice Out, Lower St. Regis 55
Ice In, Lower St. Regis 56
Van Auken's Inn, Thendara 60
Study for John's Bucket 74

Roger Sheffer 1

Breaking Camp,
Racquette Lake, 1960
The Guy Who Got Lost
At West Canada
M. McMahon 3 Clear Dreams
Bill Garten 6 Frame 145
Eric Ormsby 7
Spider Silk
Starlings, Rain
Gena Lengel 9 His Hand
Alen Cheney 11 Barber Joe (story)
Lisa Reden 14 One Year Later
Barbara Daniel 15 The Sierra Nevada
Martha Cowell Calloway 16 The Oleander Grove
Jan McClellan 17 Raven Rock
Ed Parris 19 Our Islands
Kathleen McGann 20 Cather's Cottage,
Grand Manan Island,
N.B., Canada
Bob Dial 21 Above Sacandaga
Howard MacNamee 22 Party of One (story)
Sister Lou Ella Hickman 34
Prairie Evening
The Visitor
John Selawsky 35
Spring Rain
Janet Mason 37 A Week Before Spring
Susan Comnios 38 Upstate April
Lyn Lifshin 39 Lake Champlain
Steven Beauchamp 41 Rain Dance
Carla L. Henry 43 Navajo Changing Woman
Noel Smith 44 October in the White Mountains
R.F. Voltz 45 Close to Home (story)
Askold Skalsky 53 Moon Poem
Mary Makofske 55
Bare-Hearted Frog
Dragonfly Fossil
Alice G. Brand 57 Calendars That Cross Time and Place But Cannot Erase What is Not There
Gregg Brown 59 Illness is a Calumny
Thom Sattelee 61 Loop Trails
William Pruitt 62 Laughter
Geroge C. Monagan 63 Uncle Jack
Jennifer Magnani 64 The McDougall Girl (story)
M. McMahon 73 The Apple Peeler
K.S. Rogers 75 Just This Side of Ripe
Rob Faivre 76 Of the Good Places for Revelation, Insight, Etc.
D.P. Dresback 77 The Recommendation Ferrara
Tom Noyes, Jr. 79 Stumps (story)
Eric Ormsby 83 Grasses in November
Alice Wolf Gilborn 83 Eric Ormsby's Coastlines
Neal Burdick 86 John Vinton's A Treasury of Great Stories
Myra Gann 88 Annie Dawid's York Ferry

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