A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Vol XIII Cover


Anthony O. Tyler
Guest Fiction Editor

Marlene Youmans

Poetry Editors
Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett
Robert G. Foster
Jon Chatlos
Janice Londraville
Richard Londraville
Alan Steinberg
Kimberly M. Evans



Charles Martin
Angela C. Lauzon 74
Joseph Scovel 95
Heather Tyler 54
Cris Winters 2


Eric Ormsby 1
Highway Grasses
Dixie Partridge 4 Song for Yellow
Matthew Spireng 5 Queen Anne's Lace
Joanne L. Schweik 5 Not to Have Missed It
Jeff Minerd 6 Going to Botoslovnia (story)
Stephen R. Roberts 17 Perfect Figure Eights
Robert Lietz 18 Returning Home
Desire Vail 19 Summer's Day
Ian Brand 20 Holiday Crows
Micah Perks 21 My Family with Black Flies (story)
Dixie Partridge 27 Lost Lake with My Daughter, 15
David Holdt 28 The Search
June Frankland Baker 30 Their Woods
Peter W. Fong 31 Cooked Lake (story)
John Selawsky 39 The Pike
Megan Morwen Johnstone 39 Blackberry Wars
Lyn Lifshin 40 My Uncle Sells the Store
Steven Frattali 41 Wax on Snow
John Slade 42 Frederick on The Fourth of July (story)
Helen Ruggieri 55 Naiad of the Pickup Truck
Carolyn Kieber Grady 56 North Fork of the Ausable River
Edra Ziesk 57 From Burn County
Roger Sheffer 62 Gothics
Jonathan Blake 63 Opening my First Gift: Four Tang Poets
Lori Leff 64 /Rosemont Out of Season (story)
Vira J. DeFilippo 75 Lancaster, One Sunday Morning
John Radigan 76 The Frost Giants
Ted Lehmann 77 Closing the Cottage (story)
Steven Frattali 81 Nightmares
David Holdt 82 Settling In
Warren Wigutow 83 Sonnet: The Three Disgraces
Annie Dawid 84 The Last Boy (story)
Daniel James Sundahl 96 Four French Children Lying on The Grass
Helen Ruggieri 96 The Groundhog
Andrew J. Dephtereos 97 More Than a Thousand (story)


Alice Wolf Gilborn 104 Clear Pond by Roger Mitchell
Warren Wigutow 106 Bavarian Shrine and Other Poems by Eric Ormsby
Georgia Coopersmith 108 Fair Wilderness
by Patricia Mandel
Maureen Kravec 110 River of Dreams: American Poems from the St. Lawrence Valley ed. Albert Glover and The Dinner Guest by Albert Glover
Neal Burdick 112 Adirondack Faces
by Matthias Oppersdorff, text by Alice Wolf Gilborn

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