A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Volume V - 2

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Editor and Publisher
Alice Gilborn
Poetry Editor
Jane Z. Carroll
Contributing Editors
Helen Collins
Tracy Meehan
Art Director
Sally Bowers
Jan McL. Day
Betty Helmsworth
Dorothy Swanson
Illustrations this Issue
Sallie Bailey


Photograph of Jeanne Robert Foster
courtesy of the Adirondack Museum

Alice Gilborn 1

Jeanne Foster:
A Woman of Parts

Kurt Rheinheimer 10 Pond
Howard Smith 36 Pecan Sandy
Russ Williams 31

Night Fisherman

Richard Trenner 24

Lake Studies

Kate O'Connell 28

The Lure of Fishing:
Wetting Our Lines Together

L.J. Bergamini 9 Departure
Philip Booth 46 Watching Out
Jean L. Connor 17 Lost
Paul Corrigan 16 Two in an Old Canoe
Rhoda Donovan 18 Marion, in Winter
George Drew 22 Pinnacle Farm
Sherry Fairchok 6 The Last of the Herrigs
Walt Franklin 19 Meditation
Norbert Krapf 44
Wild Ginger
A. McA. Miller 8 When the '48 Pontiac Rolled
Ruth Moose 21 Nodding Off
Susan Fantl Spivack 43 Cat, Snake, and Frog
Kathleen Tenpas 35 1925
Gary Waller 7 Skaneateles Lake, January

James A. Zoller

20 Untitled Domestic Poem

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