A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Volume IV - 2

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Editor and Publisher
Alice Gilborn
Poetry Editor
Jane Z. Carroll
Contributing Editors
Helen Collins
Tracy Meehan
Art Director
Sally Bowers
Jan McL. Day
Eleanor King
Betty Helmsworth
Dorothy Swanson


Alice Gilborn 1

A Sunlight Dialogue

Alice Harron Orr 8

A Visit With Regina

Jean-Marie J. Crocker 36 In Praise of March
O.W. Stafford 16

For the Love of Horses:
Burgoyne's Defeat at Saratoga
Adirondack Voice

Atwood Manley 22

Spruce Gumming
by Greg Kuzma

Paul Acker 15 Swan Point, Sixth of January
L.J. Bergamini 7 Sisters
Lillie D. Chaffin 32 Reasons For
Michael Cleary 29 Glens Falls:
Twenty-five Years Later
Arthur Clements 31 Winter Storm
Cathy Young Czapla 30 Early Winter
Regina de Cormier-Shekerjian 33 Nobody Listening
Jim Flosdorf 34 Mel
J.B. Goodenough 5 Saul's House
Jack Hand 35 Priscilla
Susan Hauptfleisch 39 Rainstorm on Lake Champlain
Sherry Kearns 28 Watching Fireworks on the 4th of July in a Boat off Bolton Landing
Margaret Lamb 4 Not Without Air
Judith McDaniel 6
Splitting Elm
November Woman
Adrian Oktenberg 26 Looking for Home

Ruby Barrett Olson

42 At the Source

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