A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Volume IV - 1

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Editor and Publisher
Alice Gilborn
Poetry Editor
Jane Z. Carroll
Contributing Editors
Helen Collins
Tracy Meehan
C. Shaw
Sally Bowers
Eleanor King
Dorothy Swanson
Betty Helmsworth
Jan McL. Day
Illustrations this Issue
Anne Iott


Alice Gilborn 1 Living with the Animals


S. Zoe Cornwall 5 The Mushroom Man
Ursula Hegi 22 Don't Play Tricks on Me
Christina C. Jogwick 31 Aaron


Tracy Meehan 40 Two Weeks in the Adirondacks


L.J. Bergamini 13 Summer Wedding
Joseph Bruchac 17 Card Players and the Stars
above Paradox Lake
Arthur Clements 16 Composition in Yellow
Paul Corrigan 19

The Poem as a Valuable
Fur Bearing Animal
During the Fall Turnover
A.J. Hovde 27 The Lure of the Mountains
Stephen Lewandowski 29 Susquehanna Headwaters
Michael McMahon 14 On the Surprising Conversions
Tony Magistrale 37 November Saturday
Howard Nelson 38 September Threadbare
Adrian Oktenberg 20 Letter from Dunphy's Pasture
Jean Pearson 36 Inner Resources
Bernard Quetchenbach 30 Acid Rain
John Repp 18 Working for the Summit
Michael Rewa 26 Cleaning a Spring

R.B. Weber

28 A Day of Walking

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