A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Volume III - 2

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Editor and Publisher
Alice Gilborn
Poetry Editor
Jane Z. Carroll
Contributing Editors
Helen Collins
Tracy Meehan
C. Shaw
Layout and Illustrations
Sally Bowers
Eleanor King
Dorothy Swanson
Betty Helmsworth
Jan McL. Day


Alice Gilborn 1

Of Time and the Road

Rosaire Appel 4 The Final Note
Charlotte K. Haigh 14 A Quiet Place in the Country
Ed Zahniser 36


John R. Sullivan 27

Cutting Cedar

Ellen Biss 12 White Skates
Jean L. Connor 43 Haiku from a Summer Place
Jean-Marie J. Crocker 10 Saratoga Winter
Cathy Young Czapla 34 Quarry Hill
Janice Dabney 31 Bacon
Ruth Daigon 22 This Town
Sherry Fairchok 40 Rowing on the Sacandaga Rivr
Judith B. Goodenough 11 Ox Pond
Allen Hoey 23 Wrong Turn at Parish Corners
Gayle Lauradunn 32 Rock Climbing
Roger Mitchell 24 Reuben Sanford and John Richards, Surveyors, Make Their Report, 1827
Craig Paulenich 44 A Song of Transmutation
Michael Rewa 42 Naming Creatures from a Porch in the Country
Steven Schmidt 26 Station House
Bettie Sellers 39 Another Innisfree

Joanne Seltzer

35 Scandal at the Hyde House
Glens Falls, New York

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