A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Volume XXIX

Blueline Volume XXIX Cover


Editor Rick Henry
Poetry Editor Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett
Fiction Editor Maurice Kenny
Nonfiction Editor Katie Reigel
Art Editor Dana Henry
Editorial Board

Donald McNutt
Oscar Sarmiento

Managing Editor Karen Wilson
Founding Editor Alice Wolf Gilborn


Cover art by James Balog

front cover "Nolan Cedar"
back cover "American Elm Triptych"
frontispiece "Kalaloch Red Cedar"

Aaron M. Hellem
1 Green in Winter
Francine Whitte 4 Favorite Place
5 Wish You Were Here
Jim Meirose 29 In the Fix-it Shop
M.J. Iuppa
Ode to Crow

Triolet on the Adage ‘As the Crow Flies’
Matthew J. Spireng
8 It Seemed
Nathan Whiting
Heavy Willows Battered
Jonathan Blake
No Translation
Tony Cosier 11
Canoeing the Mississagua

Michael H. Lythgoe 13
Elegy of the Leaves
Lyn Lifshin
When Spring Melts the Ground
Roger Sheffer

16 Boat Mechanic
Reuven Goldfarb
17 Walking in the Dark
Alice Wolf Gilborn
18 The Rivers Cut the Mountains
19 Each Day I Walk This Road

20 We’ve Traveled Far
Linda Batt
21 Winter wait
Jean Keskulla
22 Sunset, Elk Lake, NY
Donna M. Marbach
23 Mimetic Moon
Sandra Kohle 24 Elegy, Prospective
Anne Drury
28 Late August
Susan Edwards Richmond
34 Owling
Kathryn Kerr
35 I’ve Done Enough Burning

36 The Best Poem I’ve Seen
Maureen Tolman Flannery
37 Abandoned Cabin
Robert Parham
38 Called Chicken
John P. Kristofco
39 The Cliff Above the Cloverleaf
James J. Siege 40 Murder of Crows
Darlene D. Montonaro
41 Pretend You are a Woman in Love with Snow

42 I fill my pockets with common rocks—
Arthur McMaste
43 What is Needed, What is Given
Stuart Bartow 44 Upstairs, Winter Morning
David Radavich
45 Back Woods
Margaret Okere
46 Canoeing
David Michael Nixon
47 Black Bear Serenade
Dave Morrison
48 Rain Crow
George Looney
49 Forgetting History & Loss
Lee Slonimsky
50 The Square Root of Glide
C.P. Mangel
51 Presence
Allen C. Fischer
55 Hauling Snow
Diane Hueter
56 Thanksgiving Cactus
Glen Yasharian 57 St. Regis Pond
Georganna Millman
58 White Deer
Roslyn Elliott
59 The Way We Go On
60 Hawk Waiting
Laura Hirneisen
61 Walk Before a Storm
J.K. Maynard
62 white
Laura Rodley
63 Evening Blue
Katharine O’Flynn
64 The Placement of Stones
65 Bats in the Attic
Dante Di Stefano
66 Susquehanna River Shopping Cart Psalm
Roger Mitchell
67 Long Wrinkle

68 Slowly, Slowly Came the Humus Forth
Brooklyn Copeland
69 Attic in Winter
Michael Tritto
70 In the Lights of All Directions
71 The Blue Umbrella
Michael Lee Johnson
72 I’m a Riverboat Boy: Poem on Halsted Street
Maxine Susman
73 Fog over the Lake
Ann B. Knox
74 Kitchen Table
Katharyn Howd Machan 75 Black Bear

76 The Hunter’s Wife
JB Mulligan
77 November morning
Daniel A. Harris
78 Indian Pipes
Charlene Langfur
79 Organic Garden
Phoebe Reeve
80 Twilight
Rick Smith
81 from The Wren Notebook II

82 from The Wren Notebook II

83 from The Wren Notebook II
Gary Metras
84 Foliage
Richard Londraville
85 Snake Plant
Kathryn DeZur
86 Keeping Track of the Dead
Todd Davis
87 Views from Mt. Arab

88 Early October
89 Vernal
Russell Libby
90 Harrier
Kiss Me Good-Bye, by Bonny Barry Sanders 91 Reviewed by John Berbrich

Balance: A Late Pastoral, by Russell Libby
Spoken Among Trees, by Jeff Gund

92 Reviewed by Anthony O. Tyler
Restalrig, by Julia Wendell
94 Reviewed by Nancy Berbrich
Some Heaven, by Todd Davis
95 Reviewed by Katherine Riegel
Big Muddy River of Stars, by Alison Pelegrin
96 Reviewed by Karen Gibson
Millipedes and Moon Tigers, by Steve Nash
97 Reviewed by Anthony O. Tyler
After Fire, by Ken Fifer 98 Reviewed by Donald McNutt
Pythagoras in Love, by Lee Slonimsky 99 Reviewed by Donald McNutt
Review essay: The Return of Isaac Walton to the Trout Stream 100 Maurice Kenny


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