A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Blueline Volume XXI Cover


Editor Rick Henry
Poetry Editor Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett
Fiction Editor Maurice Kenny
Nonfiction Editor John Cross
Editorial Board

Donald McNutt
Oscar Sarmiento
Anthony O. Tyler

Student Assistants Adrienne Coble
Jeffrey Hunt
Jacinta Meyers
Tiffany Prashaw
Beverly Santos
Gretchen Tessmer
Managing Editor Karen Wilson
Founding Editor Alice Wolf Gilborn


Jonathan Segol 22 Escape From Escape From the
Ed Minus 39 At the Mountain Hotel
Joan Connor 52 The Angel of Repose
Ellen Prentiss Campbell 75 The Spring
Jason Kapcala 81 Jacob’s Ladder
Ed Lynskey
No Thumbs
Donald Crane
Wild Geese
Linda Batt
Passing Generation
4 Trail
Mame Willey

I Drove Home from the Movies without Seeing a Single Car
Nick Conrad 7
Alighting for a Moment
Todd Davis
At Marcy Dam
Winter Morning
Mark Wisniewski
January Thaw

Michael Salcman
12 Cormorants
Rebecca Lilly
13 Haiku
Dennis Saleh
14 Hands
Ginny Lowe Connors
15 Untethered

16 When He Was Very Ill
Marc Kuritz
17 Better Angels
Dave Seter
18 Secret Lakes
M.J. Iuppa
19 The Distraction of Spring
20 (Over)look
Nathan Whiting
21 The Eagle Flight of Chickens
Paul Hostovsky 27 Dream

29 Travelogue
T. Stores
30 Driven South In Thanksgiving Morning Fog
Lea Holz 31 Equinox
Robert Schuler
33 March 13th

33 April 1, 2006
33 April 30th
Elizabeth Biller Chapman
34 Detail, Snow in the countryside
William R. Ford Jr.
35 The Edge of a Distant Woods
David K. Strayern
36 Mouthful of Memories
Rick Smith 37 From the Wren Notebook II

38 From the Wren Notebook II
Julie L. Moore
49 Apparition
Beth Paulson
50 Quantum Theory of Lilacs
Paul Many
51 Good Eye
Mark Maire
68 Nothing Prepared Us
Jonathan Blake
69 Finding Our Way
Bruce Sweet
70 Enough for Supper
Elsa Dixon
71 Chapel Pond
Matthew J. Spireng
72 Shed
Cary B. Ziter 73 Lake Placid Café

74 4 Eggs
Lois Marie Harrod
90 That Apartment Our First Summer in Graduate School
David Wayne Hampton
91 Blackberry Tequila
Frederick Lord
95 Need Poem
Cody Dylan Todd
96 Etc.
JB Mulligan 98 Morning Fog
Laura Hirneisen
99 Meteorology
Robert Aquinas McNally
100 The Woman Who Ran toward Heaven
Grace Beeler 101 Muse
Barry Ballard 102 The Necessity of Oceans
Barbara Daniels
103 Crows
Richard Londraville 104 Cardinal Flower
Edward Coletti
105 Backyard Appeal
Jared Bertholf 106 The Importance of Having a Front Porch
Robert Grindy
107 Grape Vine
Ann Buggey
108 Three Sisters
Jim Flosdorf
109 Dust
Doug Bolling 110 Transposings 5
Skaidrite Stelzer
111 Red Gardens #1

112 Red Gardens #2
Marilyn McCabe 113 Origami
Rebeka Keaton
114 The Landscape of Then
Lance Le Grys
115 Crown Point
H. B. Ussach
116 Rain softens the leaves;
David Radavich
117 Blue
Charles Sabukewicz
118 Night Visit
Barbara Wiedermann
119 The View from the Taller Mountain
Chad Sweeneye
120 Ice Cave
John P. Kristofco
121 Manuscript

122 Gas Station Glass
Robert Parham
123 When We Washed Dishes
Karen Holmberg 124 Axis
Barbara Benoit
125 Last Rites
Stephen Murabito 126 Emerging from the Everyday: The ’76 Torino and the ’85 Caprice
Ken Fifer
128 Printer’s Errors
Saving Troy: A Year with Firefighters and Paramedics in a Battered City, by William B. Patrick 129 Reviewed by Paul Gillan
A Mile in Her Boots: Women Who Work in the Wild, ed. by Jennifer Bove 130 Reviewed by Eudora Watson
The Ghost Orchid, by Carol Goodman
134 Reviewed by Donald McNutt
Half/Mask, by Roger Mitchell 135 Reviewed by Tony Tyler
Pilgrimage to Vallombrosa, by John Elder 136 Reviewed by Tony Tyler
The Wren Notebook, by Rick Smith 138 Reviewed by John Berbrich
Pythagoras in Love, by Lee Slonimsky 139 Reviewed by Nancy Berbrich
This Far From The Source, by Neil Shepard 140 Reviewed by Karen Wilson


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