A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Volume XXII

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Editor Rick Henry
Poetry Editor Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett
Fiction Editor Alan Steinberg
Art Editor Dana Henry
Review Editor Michele Reardon
Managing Editor Karen Wilson
Founding Editor Alice Wolf Gilborn
Guest Editor:
Rockwell Kent
Alice Wolf Gilborn
Editorial Board John Cross
Anthony O. Tyler
Rockwell Kent
Art Inspired by Art
Rockwell Kent 67 Adirondacks
Alice Wolf Gilborn 68 Introduction: Art Inspired by Art
Davi Walders 70 This Was His Own
Liz Rosenberg 72 Poem for the Wheels of Progress
Rockwell Kent 74 Untitled: Asgaard Farm
Maurice Kenny 75 Asgaard
Maurice Kenny 76 Looking for the Kent House
Rockwell Kent 80 Au Sable River Rapids
Joseph Bruchac 81 Au Sable River Rapids
Rockwell Kent 82 1947/Asgaard wood chest
Alice Gilborn 83 The Night Rockwell Kent Showed Me His Etchings
Rockwell Kent 84 Cloud Shadows
Eric Ormsby 85 Cloud Shadows, 1965
Rockwell Kent 86 Mountain Road
Deborah Tall 87 Mountain Road
Rockwell Kent 89 December Eight, 1941
Henry Taylor 90 Rockwell Kent on Mohegan Island
Laura Rodley 1 My Name is Callie
Amina Memory Cain 6 All These New Dark Places
Ginnah Howard 28 April
Annette C. Deamond 40 Campfires
Ann Mohin 62 Milestones
Tim Schmand 93 Gone to See the Monkey
Christopher Caskey 122 Jump
Joan Connor 130 Sea Change
Elizabeth Gauffreau 152 1917
Susan Joy Newell 161 After Snow

Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett cover
Meredith Rosier i The Surveyor
37 Damp Fissure
38 Cordial Gesture
39 Drift Closer
Heidi Neilson 124 Collapsed Borders #13
125 Collapsed Borders #14
126 Collapsed Borders #15
127 Collapsed Borders #16
128 Collapsed Borders #23
129 Collapsed Borders #24
Neil Shepard 13 Afternoon Sun Zero Degrees
Linda Batt 16 First cold night
16 Slippery Truth
Gerald Zipper 17 Milk Strike
Vivian Malloy 18 New England Autumn
19 After the Vacation
Peter Cummings 20 A Sacred Place
20 Evergreens
Arthur McMaster 21 Gathering Night Noises
Norbert Krapg 22 Places
Allen C. Fischer 23 Renoir's Fear
Sean T. Finn 24 Three Haiku
Russell Libby 25 Stocking Up
26 At Forest's Edge
26 Rogation Day
Robert Parham 27 Bulbs
Robert Hunter 44 In Early March
M. J. Iuppa 45 Swimming in the Dark
46 Christening
Todd Davis 47 Long Meadow
48 Late Winter Rain
Bill FOrd, Jr. 49 The Pillars of Ancient Fires
49 Cave Ledges
Peter Chipman 50 Untitled
50 encounter
Matthew J. Spireng 52 Patterns
52 Toni
Robert Carl Williams 53 Sun on Boards
Kim Chase 54 A Difficult Place
Jonathan Blake 55 Perspective
55 The Orchard in Winter
57 Two Horses
Bertha Rogers 58 Truck Stand
58 Winter Storm Pantoum
Sue Ellen Kuzma 60 Melancholy: Scroon Lake
Louis S. Faber 61 Adirondack Evening
Eric Ormsby 105 Milkweed
15 The Path to Auger Falls
Tom Satterlee 106 The Man Who Survived . .
Doug Tanoury 107 Autumn in August
107 August Rain
108 August
Mary Linton 109 Birding
110 Crossings
Iris Gomez 111 Woenaunta
113 Reliquary: Roots
Neal Burdick 114 Waiting for a Train at the Plattsburg Amtrak Station
Kristen Hemmy 116 Thirst
116 Kilauea Iki: Devastation Trail
Pam French 117 Summer Frog
117 Spring Peepers
118 Pouring Water
Judith Gross 119 old men sleeping by rivers
Malcolm Willison 121 To the Vermont Ferry
Acmena Schmid 136 A gift of apples
136 Reactions to an autumn storm
137 Trajectory's end
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb 138 The Colors of a Chuchwalla's Dream
Bruce Sweet 139 Pond at Noon
139 Night Cat
140 Scouts Outing
Peter Obourn 141 Adirondack Winter
Howard Nelson 142 Twenty-Five Naps in the Adirondacks
Christopher Caskey 145 The First Time
145 I Hardly Ever Do
Katharine O'Flynn 146 Gill Brook
146 A Lesser Summit
Joanne Hayhurst 147 Drought
Simon Perchik 148 117
Sheryl Slocum 149 Smoke
Steven Luria Ablon 150 Mississippi Heaven
150 I Own the Boardwalk
151 Wild Asparagus
Donald William's
Inside the Adirondack Blue Line
170 Reviewed by Nils Samuels
Barbara McMartin's
The Adirondack Park, A Wildlands Quilt
170 Reviewed by W. L. Romey
Thom Ward's
Small Boat with Oars of Different Sizes
172 Reviewed by Karen Wilson
Bruce Calhoun's
Close Calls and Foolhearty Romances
173 Reviewed by Karen Gibson
Caroline Welsh and Scott Ferris'
The View from Asgaard: Rockwell Kent's Adirondack Legacy
174 Reviewed by Caroline Downing
Vivian Shipley's
Fair Haven: Poems
176 Reviewed by Maurice Kenny
Joan Connor's
We Who Live Apart
177 Reviewed by Rick Henry
William Stafford's
The Way It Is
177 Reviewed by Rick Henry
Maurice Kenny's
Tortured Skins and Other Fictions
178 Reviewed by Alan L.Steinberg
Daniel James Sundahl's
The Small Logics
180 Reviewed by Alan L. Steinberg
John Tallmadge and Henry Harrington's
Reading Under the Sign of Nature: New Essays In Ecocriticism
181 Reviewed by Anthony Tyler
Robert Bogdan's
Exposing the Wilderness: Early Twentieth-Century Adirondack Postcard Photographers
183 Reviewed by Michele Reardon
Craig Gilborn's
Adirondack Camps: Homes Away from Home, 1885-1950
184 Reviewed by Michele Reardon
Jeffrey L. Horrell and Seneca Ray Stoddard's
Seneca Ray Stoddard: Transforming the Adirondack Wilderness in Text and Image
184 Reviewed by Brandi Trimm

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