A Literary Magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks

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Volume XXI

Blueline Volume XXI Cover


Editor Rick Henry
Poetry Editor Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett
Fiction Editor Myra Gann
Review Editor Chris Kenny
Franklin County Project Coordinator Karen Wilson
Editorial Board Robert Foster
Alan Steinberg
Anthony O. Tyler
Founding Editor Alice Wolf Gilborn
Editorial Assistant Karen Wilson
Interns Amy Donohue
Cindy McBride
Rebecca Mersand


Robert Schuler 1 Skiing below zero: afternoon raga
2 Spring, March 21st
3 6:55 PM, June 23rd
Marlaina B. Tanny 4 A Pond in Twilight
Michele Mitchell-Weal 5 My Mother's Greenhouse
William F. Hewitt 6 Lac Du St. Sacrement
Brad Clompus 7 Mid-Winter Walk
Steven Luria Ablon 9 Early Mornings
Bonny Barry Sanders 10 Once I Saw The Color Of Light
James Sedwick 11 A Way To Come To Your Senses
Vivienne S. Woodhead 12 Gathering Grapes
Noel Smith 13 Nests
15 The Ausable Rive Not Itself
Penny Harter 22 Going Home
Edward Byrne 23 Snowbound
Jeff Hardin 24 Coming of Age
25 Keep Off Bridge
Brock Dethier 26 After The Maples
27 Following My Brother
David Michael Nixon 28 Live As Always (St. Francis Addresses The Birds)
29 Inside The Land of Sleep
30 White Night
Mark Mitchell 31 Early November
Dee Shapiro 32 Harvest
Mame Willey 33 North
Maura MacNeil Spears 41 Garden
42 children below the trees
Jerzy Gregorek 43 Call
Alice B. Fogel 44 The Mooring
Laura Rodley 46 Husband
46 Friends
Dan Sieg 47 Vacation
Paul Bennett 48 Remembering John Crowe Ransom
George Drew 49 Zealotry
Todd Davis 50 Night's Black Weight
Linda Batt 51 North Country Spring
52 Love Poem
53 Handwork
54 Around the lollipop
Jan C. Minich 55 The Farm
Ellen Russell 62 Meditation
63 Catherine Street
Dennis Doherty 64 Crocus Consumes the World
65 Heat
Kaye Bache-Snyder 66 Company in Bed
67 Hold Loose the Mane of Poetry
Jeannine Savard 68 In a High Spiral
Barbara Daniels 69 Sleep Is a Slow River
Betsy Fogelman Tighe 70 A Man's Lonliness
Pam French 71 Audubon Tapes
72 Night Mare
Deborah Fleming 73 Clearing the Fench Line
74 A Shack Near Cross Creek in Jefferson County, Ohio
75 Promise
Judith Grey 80 Idling
81 Moon Vigil
Thomas Kretz 82 In a Forest Along the Mohawk
83 A Strip of Bush
Matthew J. Spireng 84 Driving to Potsdam after Nearly Three Decades Away
85 Encounters
86 A Squirrel on the Road
Albert Glover 87 Writing in Red
Maura Bowen Madigan 89 Haru No Ame
Yvonne V. Sapia 90 Seven Degrees
91 Planting the Roses
Besty Kepes 92 Soap from France
93 Thirteen Ways of Looking at Spring
95 Boarding 'Round
Gina Larkin 96 Cold
Susan E. Oringel 115 Late to Mountains
117 Aubade, Vermont
Emily Farranto 119 Driving By Your Camp in the Evening
120 Second Night in the Adirondack Mountains in the Summer of 1994
Ana Doina 121 Fin du siecle
Therese Halscheid 122 Stone Shapes
Charles Sabukewicz 123 Stacking Wood
Arnold Talentino 124 North of Utica
Lynn Buck 125 Good Sky Day
126 Adirondack Walking Stick
Marjorie Madox 127 The Little League World Series: First Play
Karen L. McDermott 128 It is not wheat
Roberta Gould 129 Katydids
Ted Olson 135 At The Old Homesite
Louise Webster 136 Seamless
John T. Selawsky 137 The Least of Things
Anna DeMay 138 Autumn on the St. Lawrence Seaway
Sheryl Slocum 139 Waiting for Resurrection
140 Just a Sprig of Lilac
Claudia Ricci 141 Tarweed in Sunlight
142 forget carl
Adrian Oktenberg 143 Gravity
Jane McClellan 144 Landscape
Jackie Donaldson 146 Blackwater Canyon
Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely 146 Outside In
Diane Thiel 147 Circumstance
148 Catwalk
Katharine O'Flynn 156 Tourist
Bertha Rogers 157 The Cat In The Diner
Ron Rash 158 October on Middlefork Creek
Alyssa A. Lappen 159 Wings
160 Watercolor
Sherry Fairchok 161 The Naturalist
Norbert Krapf 163 Blood Root
165 Durer's Celandine
M. J. Iuppa 166 Great Horned Owl
167 Snowlines
Lynn Veach Sadler 168 Warts Walk on the Blue Moon
Susan Verelon Stark 170 Blackberries
171 Prey
Pamela Lee Cranston 172 Tin Cup
173 Coming to Treeline
William Shullenberger 180 Milk and Honey
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb 181 Wingless
182 The Fall of Summer Song
Jay Ladin 183 Pickers
Lois Marie Harrod 185 Assume Nothing at Noon
Allen C. Fischer 186 Theater of Ice
Thom Ward 187 Cycling Through Little Brigham
Zdena Hyblova Heller 188 Animal Lessons
Margaret Redhead Cronin 16 How's My Driving
Christopher Caskey 34 The Chief
Harry Humes 76 Maggie's Fish
Harry J. Brown 130 Nobody's Perfect
C. R. Resetarits 174 Sunday Outing
Stephanie Coyne-DeGhett Cover
Mary Weig 57 Fish Bowl
58 Fish Grouping
59 Fish Pond I
60 Fish Pond II
61 Fish Pond III
Alexandra Vernon i Fish
149 Pastorale
150 Quinces
151 Yellow Ribbons
152 Rabbit
153 Gourds
154 Still Life with Egg
155 Watermelon
Franklin County Project
Kevin Burns 99 Summer
Matt Davis 100 Nocturne
Tiffanie Dineen 101 She Strikes
Greg Gardner 102 As the world turns
Becky Gast 103 The Thorn
Katie Harz 104 Following the Stars
Melissa Manchester 105 Magic
Lesley McGibbon 108 Water
Stephen Soricelli 109 A Flight of Sea Gulls
Nathan Tarbox 110 What's There
Amber Whelan 112 Sometimes I Think . . .
Valerie Wilson 113 Summer Night's Dream

Tom Kalinowski's
Adirondack Almanac


190 Reviewed by Elliot Gray

Catherine Henshaw Knott's
Living with the Forest

191 Reviewed by John Omohundro

Philip G. Terrie's
Contested Terrain


Verplanck Colvin's
Adirondack Explorations

193 Reviewed by Anthony O. Tyler

Christopher Angus'
Reflections from Canoe Country


Walter Bargen's
Water Breathing Air


194 Reviewed by Oscar Sarmiento
Philander Deming's
The Best Short Stories of Philander Deming


194 Reviewed by John Erhardt
Joan Swift's
Tiger Iris


195 Reviewed by Jonathan Fairbanks
Phil Brown's
Longstreet Highroad Guide to the New York Adirondacks


196 Reviewed by Philip Royce
Walt McLaughlin's
Forest Under My Fingernails


197 Reviewed by Susan Ross
William J. O'Hern's
Life with Noah


199 Reviewed by Jesse Coburn
Joseph Bruchac's
The Waters Between


199 Reviewed by Christopher Kenny
S. Adel's - Prince of Silence
S. Adel's - A Mystical Journey of Prince Adam

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