9 Spring Street                                                                                    Work: (315) 267-3308

Potsdam, NY 03676                                                                                                                                                                    





                             M.S. - Library and Information Science


May 1989             WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, Middletown, CT.

                             Master of Arts in Liberal Studies


May 1980             UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT, Storrs, CT.

                             Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting





COLLEGE LIBRARIES, SUNY POTSDAM, Potsdam, NY                                Aug. 2001-present


Collection Development Coordinator June 2009-present

·      Responsible for planning and coordinating Collection Development activities

·      Manage collections budgets (monographs, serials and electronic resources)

 Automation Coordinator Aug. 2001-June 2009

Team Tech Team Leader 2001-Spring 2006


J. EUGENE SMITH LIBRARY, Eastern Connecticut State University       Jun. 1998-Jun. 2001

Associate Librarian / Head of Tech. Services & Collection Development Officer


THREE RIVERS COMMUNITY TECHNICAL COLLEGE, Mohegan Campus               Fall 1999

Adjunct Lecturer, Library Technology Program

LIB K116 Cataloging and Classification


Associate Librarian / Head of Technical Services & Database Manager   Nov. 1994-May 1998

·       Responsible for the supervision of Technical Services personnel and activities

·       Responsible for the maintenance of the Library's on-line catalog (MultiLIS)

·       Performed all serials cataloging and union listing

·       Managed Technical Services LAN and departmental computer hardware and software

·       Performed reference, bibliographic instruction and collection development duties

Senior Assistant Librarian / Catalog Librarian   Sept. 1991-Nov. 1994

·       Responsible for the supervision of Cataloging Department personnel and activities

·       Responsible for the maintenance of the on-line catalog database (MultiLIS)

·       Performed original and copy cataloging in all formats utilizing standard cataloging tools

·       Trained and supervised paraprofessional staff in cataloging procedures

·       Installed and maintain departmental PC-based software and databases

·       Set departmental policies and procedures, and wrote documentation

·       Performed reference services, bibliographic instruction and collection development duties


ILLINOIS STATE WATER SURVEY LIBRARY, Champaign, IL.               Aug. 1990-Aug. 1991

Graduate Assistant


OLIN LIBRARY, WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, Middletown, CT.                  Jan. 1987-Aug. 1990

Cataloging Assistant / Recon Project Coordinator

·       Coordinated Retrospective Conversion Project. Hired and trained Recon staff. (Summer 1990)

·       Performed LC & non-LC copy cataloging of new acquisitions using NOTIS

·       Provided authority control and database maintenance


OLIN LIBRARY, WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, Middletown, CT.                  Oct. 1985-Dec. 1986

Library Assistant III, Acquisitions Department


SCIENCE LIBRARY, WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, Middletown, CT.            July 1985-Oct. 1985

Evening Supervisor



Research Assistant / Computer Operator


HOMER BABBIDGE LIBRARY, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.   Sept.-Dec. 1980

Circulation / Reserve Evening Supervisor

·       Supervised and trained student workers during weekend and evening hours

·       Resolved circulation problems and enforced circulation policies




May 2016             School of Professional Studies Service Award 5/10/16 – In recognition of Exemplary Service for Mentoring Students in the Wilderness Education Program


Fall 2013              AskUs 24x7 Academic Transcript of the Quarter


May 1998             State University of New York

                             Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship


Sept. 1992           Beta Phi Mu





Bibliographic knowledge of French, German & Spanish.

Operating Systems: UNIX, VMS, DOS, Windows, OSX

Integrated Library Systems: NOTIS, InMagic, Carlyle, MultiLIS, Innovative Interfaces, Aleph500.




Professional Service:


·       State University of New York. E-Resources Management Working Group. Chair August 2017-present)

·       Empire Shared Collections Steering Committee. SUNY Potsdam representative (April 2015-present)

·       NY3Rs EBL Ebook Pilot Advisory Group and Liaison for SUNY Potsdam. (Fall 2011-Spring 2017) 

·       Eastern New York / Association of College and Research Libraries. (Member 1996-1998, 2001-present). Library Liaison. (Fall 2011-present)

·       Northern New York Library Network.  Executive Board member (July 2012- May 2016). Treasurer (June 2013- May 2016)

·       Northern New York Resources Corporation. Board of Trustees (May 2013-May 2016)

·       SUNY Shared Cataloging and Authorities Taskforce member. (November 2013-July 2015)

·       SUNY Shared Cataloging and Authorities Taskforce - Merged Catalog Subgroup (Co-Chair). (June 2013-July 2015)

·       SUNY New Paltz. External Reviewer for Faculty Promotion Review (Jan. 2015)

·       SUNY Comprehensive Colleges Coordinated Collection Development Committee (June 2009-present)

·       SUNY Librarian's Association. SUNYLA Annual Conference 2008. Local Arrangements Chair. (June 2006-June 2008)

·       SUNY Librarian's Association. Library Software Users Group. Steering Committee and Delegate for Potsdam (June 2006-May 2011)

·       SUNY Librarian’s Association. Archives Working Group (Jan. 2009-Sept. 2009)

·       SUNY Librarian's Association. Ad Hoc SUNYAUG Transition Committee (Sept 2006-June 2007)

·       SUNY Librarian's Association. Secretary (Sept 2006-July 2008)

·       SUNY Librarian's Association. Delegate for SUNY Potsdam (June 2002-Sept. 2009, June 2011-June 2013)

·       SUNY Librarian’s Association. Information Technology Committee (Fall 2002-Fall 2009)

·       SUNY Aleph Users Group. Delegate for Potsdam. (Fall 2002-June 2007). Vice Chair/Meeting Planner (Fall 2004-Fall 2006). Interim Treasurer (Summer 2005)

·       University of Illinois. Graduate School of Library and Information Science. E-mail Mentor to students enrolled in LIS437 "Technical Services Functions". (Spring 1993 – Spring 2008)

·       Northern New York Library Network. Regional Automation Committee. Academic Representative (Fall 2001-Spring 2004), (May 2006-August 2009)

·       New England Library Association. Academic Librarians Section. Vice-Chair (Fall 1998/1999), Chair-elect (Fall 1999/2000), Past Chair (Fall 2000/2001)

·       Connecticut Library Network. Digital Library Initiative. RFP Database Evaluation Reviewer (Fall 2000).

·       New England Library Association. Executive Board Member. (Fall 1999/2000)

·       New England Library Association. Conference Committee Member. (Fall 1999/2000)

·       Connecticut State University. CONSULS Serials Group member (Fall 1998-Spring 2000)

·       NYTSL (New York Technical Services Librarians). Treasurer (1996/1997). Secretary (1997/1998)

·       Farmingdale Cluster Representative to DRA User's Group Conference. St. Louis, MO (March 1-5, 1997)

·       SUNY Library Support Center Advisory Board. Farmingdale Cluster Representative. (Sept. 1995-May 1998). Board Secretary (Sept. 1997-May 1998)

·       Southern Westchester BOCES. School Library System. Council Representative for Academic Libraries (Sept. 1993-Jan. 1998)

·       Farmingdale Cluster MultiLIS Authorities Coordinator (Summer 1993-May 1998)

·       WALDO (Westchester Academic Libraries Director's Organizations). Technical Services Committee (Sept. 1991-May 1998)

·       SUNYLA (SUNY Librarians Association). Delegate for Purchase College Library (Sept. 1991-Sept. 1995)



SUNY Potsdam College Service:


·       SUNY Potsdam. Faculty Senate Executive Committee. (Fall 2007-Spring 2010, Fall 2014-2015)

·       SUNY Potsdam. Faculty Senate. Academic Programs and Curriculum Committee. (Fall 2007-Spring 2009, (Fall. 2012-Spring 2015)), (Chair Fall 2008-Spring 2009) Co-Chair (Fall. 2012-Spring2014, Chair (Fall 2014-Spring 2015)

·       SUNY Potsdam. General Education Committee. APCC representative. (Spring 2015)

·      SUNY Potsdam. Faculty Senate. Secretary. (Fall 2009-Spring 2010)

·       SUNY Potsdam. Faculty Senate. College Libraries Delegate. (Fall 2005-Spring 2009)

·       College Libraries. New Faculty Mentor for Abby Smith. (Mar. 2013-Jan. 2015). New Faculty Mentor for Jessica Ramey (March 2016-present)

·       College Libraries. Search Committee for Coordinator of Technical Services and Discovery Librarian Search. (Nov 2015-March 2016)

·       College Libraries. Metadata and Subscription Resources Librarian Search Committee. (Apr.-Jul. 2015)

·       SUNY Potsdam Health and Wellness Fair April 2, 2014. Adirondack Mountain Club table

·       Adirondack Mountain Club.  SUNY Potsdam Educational Affiliates Program (EAP) / SGA Venture Outdoors Outings. Outings Coordinator for EAP/Venture Outdoors Outings (Fall 2013-present).

·       Azure Mountain Friends (AMF). Scholarship Coordinator for SUNY Potsdam Wilderness Education Leadership II Students (2015, 2016 and 2017)

·       SUNY Potsdam. 2013 Academic Festival Committee (Fall 2011-Spring 2013)

·       College Libraries. Search Committee.  Interlibrary Loan Clerk. (Feb. 2011-March 2011)

·       College Libraries. College Libraries. Federated Search Working Group. (Dec. 2007- 2009)

·       SUNY Potsdam. Institutional Review Board (Summer 2009-Spring 2015)

·       College Libraries Digital Signs Working Group. Chair.  (Oct. 15, 2008-Dec. 2009)

·       College Libraries. Building Supervisor Search Committee Chair.  (Nov. 2008-Jan. 2009)

·       SUNY Potsdam. Password Committee. (Aug. 2007-Spring 2010)

·       SUNY Potsdam. 2010 Campus Festival Committee (Fall 2008-Spring 2010)

·       College Libraries. Collection Development Committee (Fall 2003-present), Chair (2009-present)

·       College Libraries. Personnel Responsibilities Committee. (Spring 2003-2005, Spring 2009-present)

·       SUNY Potsdam. Faculty Advisor and webmaster to Contemporary Abolitionists (Fall 2005-Spring 2006)

·       SUNY Potsdam. 2007 Campus Festival Committee (Spring 2006-Spring 2007). Webmaster (Spring 2006-2007)

·       College Libraries. Distance Learning Committee (Spring 2006-Spring 2007)

·       College Libraries. Distance Learning Working Group (Spring 2005-Spring 2006)

·       College Libraries. Disaster Preparedness Committee (Spring 2005-present)

·       College Libraries. Automation Committee, Chair (Fall 2001-Spring 2009)

·       College Libraries. Web Committee (Fall 2001-Spring 2006)

·       College Libraries. Joint Team (Fall 2001-Spring 2006)

·       College Libraries. Team Resource for Technical Services and Public Services (Spring 2006-present)

·       College Libraries. TeamTech Team Leader (Fall 2001-Spring 2006)

·       College Libraries. ALEPH WebOPAC Customization Working Group, Chair (Summer 2003-2008)

·       SUNY Potsdam. TLTR (Teaching and Learning Technology Roundtable). iTunesU Ad Hoc Committee. Chair (Fall 2006-Spring 2007)

·       SUNY Potsdam. TLTR (Teaching and Learning Technology Roundtable). Secretary (Fall 2003-Spring 2006). Webmaster Fall 2005-Spring 2006). Convener of the Collaboration and Communication Committee (Fall 2005- Spring 2006). Chair (Fall 2006-Spring 2007).

·       College Libraries. Search Committee. Instruction and Collection Development Librarian, Chair (Fall 2004-Spring 2005)

·       United University Professions. Area Representative for College Libraries (Fall 2004-present)

·       SUNY Potsdam. ISD. Information Technology Fair, Planning Committee (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007)

·       College Libraries. ALEPH Implementation Committee, Chair (Summer 2002-present)

·       SUNY Potsdam. 2004 Campus Festival Committee. (Fall 2001-Fall 2004)

·       SUNY Potsdam. Faculty Senate. Business Affairs Committee (Fall 2001-Spring 2004)

·       College Libraries. Search Committee. Cataloging and Collection Development Librarian (Fall 2002-Spring 2003)

·       College Libraries. Search Committee. Temporary Senior Assistant Librarian, Chair (Summer 2004)

·       College Libraries. Search Committee. Library Clerk II. Government Documents. (Fall 2004)

·       SUNY Potsdam. CTS. Search Committee. System Administrator (Fall 2002)

·       College Libraries. Publications Working Group. Logo Subcommittee (Fall 2001)



ECSU College Service:


·       J. Eugene Smith Library Collection Development Committee, Chair (Summer 1998-2001)

·       J. Eugene Smith Library. Web Working Group (Spring 2000-Spring 2001)

·       J. Eugene Smith Library. Emergency Planning Committee (1998), Chair (1999-2001)

·       J. Eugene Smith Library. Food and Drink Committee, Chair (Fall 1998-Spring 2001)

·       J. Eugene Smith Library. RFP for Library Relocation Evaluation Committee (Fall 1998)

·       J. Eugene Smith Library. New Library Building Move Coordinator (Fall 1998/Spring 1999). Coordinated the move of the Library collections (250,000 volumes) plus office files and furnishings to the new building

·       ECSU Banner Finance Implementation Team (Fall 1998-Spring 1999)

·       J. Eugene Smith Library. Systems Focus Group (Summer 1998-Fall 1998)

·       ECSU Senate. Organization Committee (Fall 2000-Spring 2001)

·       ECSU. AAUP (American Association of University Professors). Departmental Evaluation Committee Coordinator. (Fall 2000)

·       ECSU. NEASC Subcommittee. Standard VII, Library and Information Resources Writing Team (Spring 1999-Spring 2000)

·       J. Eugene Smith Library Search Committees: Catalog Librarian (Fall 1998), Computer Support Specialist (Fall 1998), LTA Access Services Evening Supervisor I, Chair (Spring 1999), LTA Access Services Evening Supervisor II, Chair (Spring 1999), Serials Librarian, Chair (Fall 1998-Spring 2000), Archivist/Reference Librarian, Interim Chair (Fall 1998-Fall 2000), Systems Librarian, Chair (Summer 2000- Spring 2001), LT Acquisitions Assistant, Chair (Fall 2000-Spring 2001), LTA Serials Assistant (Spring 2001)



Purchase College Service:

·      Professional Policies Committee (Fall 1993-Spring 1993)

·      Academic Computing Committee (Fall 1996-Spring 1998)

·      Purchase College Web Page Committee (Spring 1993-Fall 1994)

·      Library Web Page Logo Design Committee, Chair (Spring 1997)

·      N.Y. State Residency Advisory Committee (Fall 1991-Fall 1997)

·      UUP (United University Professions). Academic Delegate & Chapter Executive Board Member (June 1995-May 1998)



Presentations, Workshops, Publications:


·      State University of New York Librarians Association 48th Annual Conference. SUNY Stonybrook June 15, 2017. “Crafting Print Monographic Collections that Have a Purpose II” (Presentation).

·      State University of New York Librarians Association 47th Annual Conference. SUNY Binghamton. June 9, 2016.  “Crafting Print Monographic Collections that Have a Purpose” (Presentation).

·      State University of New York Librarians Association 46th Annual Conference. SUNY Purchase. June 4, 2015.  “The Art of Collections Budgeting” (Presentation).

·      State University of New York Librarians Association 45th Annual Conference.  “One Bib to Rule Them All – SUNY One Bib / Shared Catalog Project” (Panel Presentation) June 12, 2014.

·      SUNY Potsdam. Academic Festival (Making the Future). “Printing Chocolate Bars: Exploring the Library of the Future” (panel presentation with faculty librarians at SUNY Potsdam).  April 12, 2013.

·      State University of New York Librarians Association 44th Annual Conference. Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY.  June 7, 2012. “Finding the Right Fit : Designing Collections with Shrinking Budgets and Limited Space.” Co-presenter with Heather Whalen-Smith (SUNY New Paltz).

·       Rethinking, Relearning, Redesigning Collection Development” article published in SUNYergy, July 2010, v. 12, no. 3, p. 3.

·      IDS Project Conference 2010, SUNY Oswego, August 3-4, 2010. “C4D : Drama, Adventures and Explorations in Collection Development” (poster presentation – co-presented with C4D Librarians)

·     State University of New York Librarians Association 42nd Annual Conference. SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY. June 16-18, 2010. “C4D : Drama, Adventures and Explorations in Collection Development” (poster presentation – co-presented with C4D Librarians) –SUNYLA 2010 "Best in Show" award

·     SUNY Potsdam. TLT Day and IT Fair. Jan. 21, 2010. “Films on Demand Streaming Video” (poster session)

·     State University of New York Librarians Association 41st Annual Conference. Onondago Community College, Syracuse NY. June 17-19, 2009.

o   “Lighting the Way : Using LCD digital sign technology to enlighten patrons about library resources and services” (co-presenter with Keith Compeau).

o   “Internet Privacy, Searching Conversations” (poster session).

o   “Portable Barcode Readers” (poster session - co-presenter with Christopher Hebblethwaite (Potsdam), Pat Maxwell (Brockport), Michael Thayer (HVCC).

·     SUNY Potsdam. TLT Day and IT Fair. Jan. 16, 2009.

o   “Interactive Classrooms : Using Web 2.0 Technologies” (presentation)

o   “Internet Privacy, Searching Conversations” (poster session)

·     Northern New York Library Network. Library Assistants Conference (Oct. 23, 2008).

“Social Software : Weird, Wonderful or Work Related?” (presentation)

·     Crumb Library 40th Birthday Party (Nov. 13, 2007).  

o “1967 The Year Crumb Library Was Born” (poster session)

o “Edward Larrabee Barnes Campus Architect” (poster session)

·     SUNY Potsdam. TLT Day and IT Fair.  Jan. 17, 2008.

o “Web Freebies for Teaching and Collaboration” (poster session)

o “Citation Management” (poster session)

o “Two Faces of Facebook” (poster session with Jenica Rogers)

·     SUNY Potsdam. Alumni Reunion Weekend. July 11, 2008. "Two Faces of Facebook." (presentation)

·     LiSUG 2007 - The Hottest Conference of the Year!” Conference report published in SUNYergy, v. 9, no. 7, p.1, Oct. 2007.

·     State University of New York Librarians Association Annual Conference. June 13-15, 2007. "Managing a Systems Upgrade.” Poster Session. SUNY Maritime, Throgs Neck, NY.

·     SUNY Potsdam. Learning and Research Fair. April 12, 2007. “Two Faces of Facebook.” Poster Session with Jenica Rogers.

·     SUNY Potsdam. ARTstor Q & A workshop. Hands on workshop for Art Department faculty. Feb. 7, 2007.

·     SUNY Potsdam, Information Technology Fair. Co-presenter with Jenica Rogers. Jan. 19, 2007. Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube: Social Networking Can Be Educational!

·     SUNY Potsdam. Information Technology Fair. Jan. 19, 2007. New Google Stuff (poster session).

·     State University of New York Librarians Association Annual Conference. June 14-16, 2006. “Ref Pod Blog and Active Desktop.” Poster Session. SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY.

·     SUNY Potsdam. Information Technology Fair. Aug. 25, 2005. “Coming Soon – Dspace at SUNYConnect

·     SUNY Potsdam. LTEC Distance Learning workshop. Co-presenter. Nov. 15, 2005. “Using Electronic Resources for Student Research.” Handouts: Persistent Links; SFX Linking; Citation Linker.

·     SUNY Potsdam. LTEC Distance Learning workshop. Co-presenter. April 29, 2005. "Beyond Google: Librarians, services and information resources in the online course." Handout: Beyond Google Activities: SFX and Persistent Links

·     State University of New York Librarians Association Annual Conference. May 27, 2004. “The Frameless OPAC: How we did it.” Co-Presenter. SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY.

·     New England Library Association Annual Conference. “Migrating to a New Library Management System.”  Co-presenter. October 2, 2002. Sturbridge, Mass.

·     Association of College and Research Libraries. Tenth Annual Conference. Round Table discussion leader. “Look Your Gift Horse Directly in the Mouth: Managing an Effective Gift Program.” March 15-17, 2001.

·     Connecticut Library Association. Support Staff Section workshop. “Tools For Growth: MARC Cataloging”. Co-presenter. Friday, Feb. 20, 2001. Willimantic, CT.

·     Connecticut Library Association. Support Staff Section workshop. “Tools For Growth: MARC Cataloging”. Co-presenter. Friday, October 27, 2000. Bridgeport, CT.

·     New England Library Association Annual Conference. Forum/Discussion Group Leader. “Plagiarism: as Easy as Cut and Paste”. October 2, 2000. Worcester, MA.

·     Eastern Connecticut State University. CyberSurvival Symposium Poster Session “Online Full Text Databases: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” (May 5, 1999). Willimantic, CT.

·     ACRL National Conference Reporter. Publication: LJ/ACRL Daily. “Putting Library Back in the Digital Library Vision”. April 10, 1999, pp.3-4.

·     SUNYLA Annual Conference. "Serials Decisions in Light of On-line Full Text" (June 5, 1998). Fredonia, NY. (Co-presenter)

·     Southern Westchester BOCES. School Library System. Workshop for School Media Specialists: “Making the Grade : Information Literacy Skills for Incoming Freshmen”. (March 17, 1998). Purchase, NY. (Panel member)

·     NYSMUG Spring Conference. (May 2, 1997). Albany, NY. “MultiLIS Authority Control.” (Panel member)

·     NYSMUG (New York State MultiLIS User's Group) Spring Conference. "Serials Control in MultiLIS" (April 19, 1996). Albany, NY. (Panel member)

·     SUNYLA Annual Conference. "Managing Authority Control in an On-line Environment" (June 8, 1995). Plattsburgh, NY. (Panel member)

·     WALDO Technical Services Committee Presentation. "Integrated Authority Control in MultiLIS" (Nov. 17, 1994). Purchase, NY. (Presenter)

·     WALDO Technical Services Committee Workshop. "Copy Cataloging Review" (Nov. 3, 1994). Purchase, NY. (Presenter)

·     METRO Technical Services Program. "Copy Cataloging Review" (May 25, 1994). New York City (Co-presenter)




Community Service:


·     Azure Mountain Friends

o Executive Board Member (2010-present)

o Secretary, (Jan. 2012-present)


·     Laurentian Chapter. Adirondack Mountain Club. 

o Vice-Chair, Outings (Jan. 2015-present)

o Social Media Coordinator (November 2011- present)

o Secretary (Nov. 2009-Nov. 2011)




o   Association of College and Research Libraries/New England Chapter (1999-2001)

o   Connecticut Library Association (1998-2001)

o   New England Library Association (1998-2002)

o   New England Technical Services Librarians (1998-2001)

o   Eastern New York /American College and Research Libraries (1996-1998, 2001-present)

o   New York State MultiLIS Users' Group (1993-1998)

o   New York Technical Services Librarians (1992-2001)

o   SUNY Librarian's Association (1991-1998, 2001-present)

o   Westchester Library Association (1991-1998)

o   American Library Association (1989-2009)