Google has developed a host of new products and services in the past few years.  Some of them might be helpful in teaching and research.  Check out Wikipeda's List of Google Products


Google Labs: Try out the beta versions of new developments, such as Google Reader, Accessible Search and Google Mars.

Google Video: Similar to other video-sharing sites such as Digg and YouTube (recently purchased by Google) you can upload personally created videos. Of all the video sharing sites, I think Google Videos has the best “educational” content. Search strategy: genre:eduational

University Search:  Search engine for SUNY Potsdam.


Create a Google Account then you can:

Personalized homepage:  Customize your Google homepage with your prefered search tools and resources.

Google Page Creator: Create your own web pages.  A web design tool for non-techies plus, space to publish your website.  Page Creator has templates and layout menus, and uses a WYSIWYG editor.  This page was created within my Google account, then exported to my SUNY Potsdam www2 folder.

Google Reader: Web based feed reader to manage your .rss feeds.

Google Personalized Search: Google can retain your search histories, and order your search results based on sites you have visited before.

Google Notebook: Keep results from searches in "notebooks" that you can label and annotate.

GMail: New features for your Google email account.  Create, share and upload Docs and Spreadsheets, spell check, email your friends in 40 different languages and get gmail on your mobile phone.

Google Calendar:  Online calendar service, you can have multiple calendars, share calendars with friends, view public calendars such as celebrities and organizations and search public events.

Picasa: Organize and share your photos. [Haven't actually tried this yet, but probably similar to other services like Flickr]

Google Coop: Create your own customized search engine.  Here are a few search engines I created:

SUNY Potsdam College Libraries Search Engine
Library Professional Organizations Search Engine
RUSA's Best Free Reference Sites

Here is a similar, but very different custom search engine for the same product, created by Bill Drew (SUNY Morrisville):      

ALA-RUSA's Best Free Reference Sites

Interesting new stuff, but is it useful?

Google Base: Share your research online using Google Base 

Post information, events, etc. as well as products for sale.  Could be used for research articles and course schedules. Could be used as an institutional repository?  Example: Reference articles:

Google Apps for Education: Free hosted service while it is in Beta.  Duplicates email and web hosting and calendar services we already have.