Helpful Links

  • LifePrint is a very valuable resource for ASL students and those interested in learning more about the language and the culture. Feel free to utilize signs you learn there and know that they are credible.

  • ASL Alphabet Worksheet
  • Want to start off slow? Print out this American Sign Language worksheet we concocted and start learning the alphabet letter by letter - also known as "Fingerspelling."

Beginners: Welcome!

Sometimes, your interest in a subject or area can be buffered by a fear that you won't completely understand what's going on. Other times, if it's just you, you worry if you'll be able to fit in, or if you'll be able to keep up.

At the ASL Club, we try to make that looming barrier as small as possible for you - more like a small bump in the road that you hardly even notice!

Even if you don't know a single sign or even a single letter in the alphabet, we guarantee it's easy to learn and easy to understand. We have arranged our club meetings to be interactive with those with any knowledge of ASL - whether it be a beginner learning his or her first signs or the Deafie speaking in his or her natural language. Once we get the basic paperwork to the meeting out of the way, we offer two different groups for everyone to slide into: a new, "learn signs and fingerspelling" group, wherein members of any level can practice or learn new signs, and then an "intermediate" group where signers can practice their knowledge in real life conversations. Both groups are always teaching their members, whether they be different signs or different aspects of Deaf culture.

To the left are some helpful links - if you're shy, take a look at the second link, the "fingerspelling" PDF. It's a viewable/printable worksheet that you can use to practice the alphabet A-Z on your own! The first link will help you with some video clips and ease your way into learning ASL.

Bring a friend with you to a meeting - it's a fun opportunity and we promise it's not that bad! See you there! :)