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Phi Kappa Pi started in 1906 at the Crane School of Music under the name Pi Delta Sigma. Its members drew from the membership of two literary societies - the Alpha Literary Society and the Calliopean Literary Society. For a number of years it was the only sorority.

In 1925, the societies made the transition to sororities themselves. The Alpha Literary Society became Alpha Sigma Nu, and then became Alpha Delta Kappa in January 1929. The Calliopean Literary Society became Zeta Gamma Upsilon, and then Alpha Kappa Phi, the Agonian in December 1928. In June 1928, Pi Delta Sigma affiliated with the Clionian Fraternity of the Geneseo Normal School, adopting the name Clio and the letters Phi Kappa Pi. We were the Kappa Chapter. In 1934, due to the financial strain of the Depression, we merged with Sigma Beta Epsilon of 18 Elm Street. They adopted our name Clio and the letters Phi Kappa Pi. In 1953, by a decree of the State University, we were forced to sever our connections with Clio, but we kept the letters Phi Kappa Pi. We still maintain many of the Clionian traditions, among them are: the Friendship Circle, the Final Tea Arch, and the Sweetheart Ceremony.




Fertile Family at Formal


We, the ladies of Phi Kappa Pi, pride ourselves on being more than just sorority sisters to one another. We are a close knit family with a home away from home. Loyalty, trust and respect for ourselves and others, are a few of the principles that we live by. Through the thick and thin we are there for each other not just for the 4 years of our academic career, but for many years after. The bonds that we build are impermeable to cattiness, rumors and boys. Our flower is the daisy, whose petals symbolize individuality and the center symbolizes one common bond. Daisies are forever and daisies are never alone.


Fall 2004 Pledge Class

Community Involvement

Phi Kappa Pi is committed to the growth and development of SUNY Potsdam, its surrounding community, and Greek Life. We hold monthly fundraisers to help service several charities and service organizations. In the past, we have organized clothing drives for St. Mary's Church; canned food drives for the less fortunate during Thanksgiving season; and awareness tables for safe sex, presidential election and HIV/AIDS. We are active participants in all of All Greek's service projects, such as Habitat for Humanity, Watertown's First Frost AIDS Walk-a-thon, and the Nichole Davis Fundraiser. We also voluntarily participate in all campus and town clean up.


Phi K Sisters at Formal

Contact Information

We, the sisters of Phi Kappa Pi own and operate our house on 58 Elm Street. Please feel free to stop by anytime and take a moment to find out how incredible our sisterhood is. Our door is open and we're always willing to answer any questions anyone may have about rush, pledging and why it's the best thing in the world to be Greek. So again, please pass by and you'll never regret you did.


Feel free to get a hold of us anytime!

Phone: (315) 265-4460 Address: 58 Elm Street Potsdam, NY 13676


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