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Theta Omega Phi - The Order of Prometheus


The Order of Prometheus (Theta Omega Phi) was formed at SUNY Geneseo in 1956 by a group of Korean War Veterans. Prometheus was founded with high ideals in not only social areas but community service and academics as well. In time, other individuals with like minded ideals gathered together to form other chapters of Prometheus. Colonizing from the Alpha Chapter at SUNY Geneseo, the Brothers of Prometheus founded a second group, the Beta Chapter, in 1964 at SUNY Oswego. In 1971, the Beta Chapter of Prometheus was reformed into the Delta Chapter by Vietnam War Veterans after having gone defunct some time before. In 1974, due to lack of membership, the Delta Chapter once more went defunct at SUNY Oswego. On October 2nd, 1968, in the basement of Van Housen Hall at SUNY Potsdam, the Sigma Chapter of the Order of Prometheus was formed. Twenty-six individuals had heard the call of Prometheus and chosen to answer by forming a new chapter at this school. The Brothers of Prometheus proved themselves to be extremely community minded, participating in many community service projects and becoming active in college activities.

In 1980, the Alpha Chapter announced its intention to merge with the national fraternity of Phi Kappa Sigma, but still retain the name and ideals of the Order of Prometheus. In 1991, the Alpha Chapter once again underwent a change, they withdrew from the national membership of Phi Kappa Sigma, becoming Phi Kappa Chi - The Order Of Prometheus. Today, the Sigma Chapter of the Order of Prometheus is the only chapter remaining to use the original designation of Theta Omega Phi. Over the years the Sigma Chapter of Prometheus grew in numbers, fast becoming one of the larger organizations at Potsdam State. Many were the events and causes that the Brothers of Prometheus helped and funded. Over time however, membership dwindled and events were therefore forced to be cut back. In recent years the call of Prometheus has once again gained strength and membership is on the increase once more. No matter the time period or membership status, belief and reliance on the ideals of our Forefathers has never wavered. The Brothers of Prometheus, no matter their chapter, possess and shall always possess, a strong belief in community service, academics and Brotherhood.




Prometheans are active participaters when it comes to community service. Past projects include events such as dance marathons, blood drives, hobble gobble walk, volunteering at the Special Olympics, brother auctions, pie in the face, and adopt a highway. We look to help many diffrent charities and organizations such as MDA, ADA, Hospice, and the American Red Cross.

Social Activities

We, like most people, enjoy having a good time, hanging out with friends, and doing whatever it is that you enjoy. We have social functions with several different sororities and other fraternities in the Potsdam area. More often than not we are hanging outside our house, playing sports or watching a game. Joining Prometheus will offer the opertunity to become a part of an enthusiastic, meaningful group of guys that like to have a good time, get out and be social with lots of other people.


Our number one goal while we are here in school is to get an education- as opposed to just socialize. Thus as a group we help each other with our academics and attempt to maintain certain academic standards. We as a rule maintain study hours during the pledge period and in addition can provide guidance when requested on how to maintain a proper academic routine. The way we see it is in order to maintain a brotherhood its important for said brothers to stay in school.

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