Alpha Delta Kappa This is our house at 46 Elm Street.  
The picture was drawn by Noel Reagan, 
Bridget Reagan's grandfather.
46 Elm Street, Potsdam, NY

Alpha Delta, with colors purple and white, was originally founded as a literary society in 1886. In 1929, we gained statewide affiliation as the Kappa Chapter of the Alpha Delta Sorority. Alpha's individuality is the key to our membership. Though we may differ in many ways, the bond of sisterhood holds us together. Much of what we do simply inolves strengthening that bond, getting to know each other, extending and deepening new relationships, and developing a sense of belonging.

We are a social sorority that takes an active part in various Greek, community, and school events. These include Ice Carnival, Halloween fire truck rides for the community, Parents Weekend, and Alumni Weekend. We also participate in several community service events throughout the year. Our members are diverse and unique, coming from both SUNY Potsdam and Clarkson University.

We invite everyone to actively participate in helping sororities to grow with the pride and esteem they have maintained throughout the years. If you're interested, learn more about Alpha's history.

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