NYSSMA Winter Conference

What is the Winter Conference?

It's a music education conference and a trade show. All the major organizations present sessions related to their field (ACDA, ASTA, NYSBDA, CMENC). There are even sessions specifically for education students, including:

Also, vendors set up booths, including:

You can also see the All-State ensemble rehearsals, which is a great way to get observation hours! The NYSSMA conference as a whole is a fantastic opportunity for music education students to prepare for their careers and feel like a part of the music education profession!

When is the conference?

The conference runs Thursday, December 2 through Sunday, December 5. It's the same weekend as Candlelight, but you can attend both.

What's there?

I’ll tell you what’s there: music education students and music teachers from all across the state! There are several "sessions" at the conference at any given time; you’ll receive a complete schedule upon arrival and each time period, you’ll pick what you want to see most. Here are some of our favorite parts of the conference:

What are all of this year's sessions and concerts?

A full schedule for this year is available here. You can also read the schedule on our bulletin board outside Crane Commons.

Can I attend?

Yes! Even if you're in Candlelight, you can attend at least two full days of the conference! All the student-specific sessions are on Friday, so they don't conflict with Candlelight performances or even rehearsals.

Why should I attend?

You should attend because it is both fun and informative. You'll be able to interact with fellow music education majors, support Crane's ensembles, talk to real educators already in the field, see great performances, and improve your skills as a future teacher!

The conference costs $140 once you've graduated, so now is the time to take advantage of the $25 student price!

How much will it cost?

As MENC members, you’ll pay $30 registration instead of the usual $145. Combined with lodging and food, we expect our members will pay about $100 for the entire weekend.

How will we get there?

We’ll have meetings in which we set up car pools. Cars with at least 4 people in them are reimbursed for gas.

Where do we stay?

We’ll give you a list of hotels near the conference center soon. We recommend you stay with whomever you drove with, to simplify transportation and keep room costs low.

How do I sign up?

Send us an email at menc@potsdam.edu saying that you'd like to sign up for the NYSSMA conference. Let us know what day/time you'd like to arrive and what day/time you'd like to leave, and we'll try to work everything out for you!