MENC Officers

President — Tyler Thomas

Tyler Thomas is a fourth-year Music Education major, dual tracking on horn and voice, with a minor in Jazz Studies.

Vice-President — Nick Reilingh

Nick Reilingh is a fourth-year Music Education and Performance major with a minor in Jazz Studies. He also works for SUNY Potsdam as the Computer Lab Maintenance Technician.

Vice-President Elect — Matt Duclos

Matt Duclos is a Music Education student with a concentration in piano. In addition to his work as an accompanist, he is also a resident assistant in Draime.

Board Member — Jean Goloski

Jean Goloski is a third-year choral track Music Education major, with dual concentrations in piano and voice.

Board Member — Maria Laurenzo

Maria Laurenzo is a third-year Music Education major on trombone.

Board Member — Andy Van Ness

Andy Van Ness is a Composition graduate student. He previously recieved his BM in Music Education from Crane and his MA in Mathematics from SUNY Potsdam.