Harp Pedagogy at Crane

Harp majors at Crane are given a variety of opportunities to study pedagogy.   Students are required to take a formal harp pedagogy course in order to fulfill degree requirements. In addition,  students may elect to teach non-majors for credit under the supervision of Crane faculty, they may teach an adult harp class through the Department of Continuing Education or they may participate in the National String Project.

harp teachers w/ young students
NSP orchestra
The Crane School of Music is a selected site for the National String Project, a ten-year grant administered by the American String Teachers Association in order to promote the training of string teachers and to encourage string education within a community.  This year the program at Crane expanded to include young harpists instructed by college-age teachers-in-the making working under the guidance of Crane faculty. Children are taught harp in a broaderer context. Immediately they are exposed to small group and large ensemble playing. Musical games and fun are part of the teaching environment, and performing is a natural outgrowth of lesson activities.

At left is the National String Project Orchestra in concert.  The children pictured have been studying for as little as ten weeks to up to three years and are led by a Crane student-teacher.
Harp student teacher w/ beginner
A hug for a job well-done!

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