A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad, 1473-1800,

Online at: http://estc.bl.uk/F/?func=file&file_name=find-b&local_base=BLL06

This project was an attempt to list all "English" books and other materials printed from the dawn of printing - copies of which were found to exist in one or more major libraries. These documents were then microfilmed, and have subsequently been digitized.

Crumb Library has many of these documents on microfilm for the period 1473 to 1640. Search the online version of the catalog, paying attention to the "Search hints" provided. We do not have access to the digital collection.

To locate the microfilmed copy of a work see this sample record and the instructions listed below.

Sample record:

On the line labeled "Surrogates", see "Early English books, 1475-1640; 1613:09" This means it is the 9th item on microfilm reel # 1613. Go to the microfilm cabinets behind the Reference Desk in Crumb to find this microfilm reel. Note: Crumb Library has only microfilm reels 1 to 1805.

The microfilm can be read on the microfilm readers in the area, and pages can also be printed on readers with a coin-box. The quality of the images varies greatly, dependent largely on the quality of the original from which the microfilm was made.

If the document is not part of our microfilm collection, try searching on books.google.com. Check the title in WorldCat to see if interlibrary loan may be a possibility,

If you are using the printed index volume:

A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad, 1475-1640, compiled by Pollard & Redgrave. Ref Z 2002.P77 1976

Many abbreviations are employed, which are explained, in a way, in the book's prefatory pages. In most cases you will only have the title to use as a guide to the nature of the work. There is no index by subject. The list is alphabetical by author.


6108 Culpeper, Sir Thomas. A tract against usurie.
[Anon.] 4o. W. J[aggard] f. W.Burre, 1621.
Ent. 10 my. L. O. C.
6109 Culter, Edward. A pleasant new song, of the
backes complaint for bellies wrong. Ballad.
2 pts. W. J[ones ? 1622 ?] Ent. to C.
Wright, 10 jy. 1622 a. 18 jy. 1623. C6

To locate these publications on microfilm

For example - for Culpeper, above:

STC No.     Reel

6108           830

Item # 6108 is somewhere on reel # 830. Some additional information, including number of pages and position on the reel, can be found in the "Guide" to the various units of the microfilm collection - in a file box on top of the cabinets.

The reels of microfilm for the Early English Books are in cabinets labeled XAC1 and XAC2 behind the main stairs on the first floor of Crumb Library. The library only has reels 1-1805.

Note: Those entries in the STC noted : " --- [Anr.ed.] " will not be found in the Cross Index or on the microfilm.

Other guides for locating items in the STC collection include: