2016 SUNY Potsdam-Clarkson Summer Mathematics Program

Application Form


Please print in black ink (or type).

Family Name/First Name/M.I.

Birthdate: ___/___/___ Gender*: M___ F___

Ethnic Origin:*__________________U.S. Citizen:Y___N__ Permanent Resident: Y___N___

College currently attending:_____________________________________________________

Expected date of graduation:_____/_____

Interest Areas (please rank ONLY those you would like to work in, 1 = top choice, 2 = second choice,


Algebraic Graph Theory (Tamon)______,

Topological Graph Theory (Foisy)________.

Integer Partition Theory (Kronholm)________.

College Address

Home Address

Street/P.O. Box






Phone Number




Note: Applicants should submit their transcript (unofficial is ok), a list of math courses

with texts and topics and a letter of intent with their application.


  Faculty Ref. 1 Faculty Ref. 2 Send with transcripts to:
Name     Joel Foisy, REU Program
Street/P.O. Box     44 Pierrepont Ave.
Department     Dept. of Mathematics
City     SUNY Potsdam
State/Zip     Potsdam, NY 13676
Phone Number     E-mail: foisyjs"at"potsdam.edu
E-mail     Telephone: 315-267-2084
      Fax: 315-267-2806

Preference will be given to complete applications received by February 15, 2016.

We hope to have our first round of offers out by March 1, 2016.

Electronic applications are welcome.

Please make sure your name is on ALL of your documents.