Women for Sobriety is a non-profit organization that helps women overcome addictions involving alcohol or other substances. Established in 1976, it is the only national self-help program specifically for women only and addresses the special needs of women in recovery. These include the need to feel self-value and self-worth as well as the need to eliminate feelings of guilt and shame.

The New Life Program is based on a Thirteen Statement Program that supports emotional growth. To practice the program, members get up 15 minutes earlier than usual to review the thirteen affirmations. They then select one to use consciously throughout the day. In the evening, they review their use of the affirmation and its effects on them and their actions that day.

The Women for Sobriety program teaches self-enhancing and sober behaviors instead of using fear, requiring submission, and imposing peer criticism in what is typically a failed effort to eliminate addictive behaviors.

Meetings are led by WFS Certified Moderators, are held at least once a week and are not longer than one and one-half hours. Meetings are opened by the moderator, who reads the Thirteen Statements and Mission Statement. Each woman then introduces herself by saying “My name is _______ and I am a competent woman. This week I ______” (and says something positive). Discussion follows, based on the Moderator’s Manual and meetings end with women joining hands and affirming that “We are capable and competent, caring and compassionate, always willing to help another, bonded together in overcoming our addictions.”

Members also subscribe to Sobering Thoughts, the Women for Sobriety free newsletter that is delivered via email. They can also enjoy the benefits of the chat room group meetings and message boards.

Women can learn more about the program by visiting Women for Sobriety, where they can also learn more about the meetings, including information about the one nearest them.

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