Alcoholism expert Kenneth Anderson provides six practical steps for helping a partner achieve control over the loved ones drinking behavior.

Step One is to establish boundaries and use harm reduction practices for yourself and your children.
Step Two is to recognize that harm is hierarchial.
Step Three is to avoid unhelpful actions.

    1. Don’t confront.
    2. Don’t use logical arguments.
    3. Don’t interfere with your partner’s techniques for abstaining or controlling drinking.
    4. Don’t accept blame for your partner’s drinking problems.
    5. Don’t use labels.

Step Four is change the way you interact with your partner and to use motivational interviewing.

    1. Use empathetic listening to stimulate thinking by your partner about the downsides of the person’s current drinking patterns.
    2. Help your partner self-develop plans for changing behaviors rather than imposing them on the partner.
    3. Don’t take any confrontational actions.
    4. Show support for every positive change made by your partner as a triumph.
    5. Clearly express your needs and concerns to your partner.

Step Five is to change your thinking or your situation, if necessary.
Step Six is to be prepared for unexpected changes in your life.

To learn more about these helpful steps, visit How to Change Your Spouse’s Drinking.

Two lists of books on helping and coping are provided. Books in the first list are those that can be located on WorldCat, the world's largest network of library content and services. It is the largest “library card catalog” in existence. The second list contains those books for which information is provided on Amazon but not on WorldCat.

First List of Self-Help Books

To learn more about a book in this list, simply click on the title. This leads to WorldCat, which describes the book and indicates which libraries have it in their collections. It also provides information that can be used to order the book from a bookstore or on the internet.

Help them beat the booze : how to survive life with a problem drinker
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Courage to be me--living with alcoholism
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Second List of Self-Help Books

The following books are not in WorldCat. To learn about a book in this list, click on the title. This leads to, which describes the book and is a source from which it can be ordered.

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Am I an Alcoholic?

Alcohol And Drug Addiction: How To Know If You Have The Symptoms Feb 9, 2015
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