Heavy Alcohol Drinking and Liver-Related Death

It is commonly believed that heavy drinkers die as a result of liver disease. However, an 18-year-long population-based study in the Netherlands using participants in the well known Rotterdam Study found that only one percent (1%) died because of liver related causes.

The analyses adjusted for age, gender hypertension (high blood pressure), cholesterol, body mass index (BMI), diabetes, smoking, and education level.

Compared to abstainers or non-drinkerss, light and moderate drinkers experienced and average 15% reduced risk of mortality. Although heavy drinkers experienced a 5% reduction in risk of death during the 18 years, such drinking is not recommended.

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  • American Association for the Studuy of Liver Diseases. Annual meeting, 2100; Liver disease is less prevalent than cancer and cardiovascular disease as a cause of death in heavy drinking. AIM Digest, December, 2011, p. 3.

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