The Social Norms Marketing Approach

by David J. Hanson, Ph.D.

One of the originators of the social norms approach to substance abuse prevention and health promotion, Dr. H. Wesley Perkins, has edited The Social Norms Approach to Preventing School and College Substance Abuse: A Handbook for Educators, Counselors, and Clinicians.

The scope of the book can be seen in the list of contents:

Part I: Introduction

The Emergence and Evolution of the Social Norms Approach to Substance Abuse Prevention - H. Wesley Perkins

Part II: Case Studies of College Experiments to Reduce Alcohol Abuse

The Northern Illinois University Experiment: A Case Study of the Social Norms Approach - Michael Haines and Gregory P. Barker

The Hobart and William Smith Colleges Experiment: A Synergistic Social Norms Approach Using Print, Electronic Media and Curriculum Infusion to Reduce Collegiate Problem Drinking - H. Wesley Perkins and David W. Craig

The University of Arizona '5 Campus Health Social Norms Media Campaign - Koreen
Johannessen and Peggy Glider

Applying the Social Norms Model to Universal and Indicated Alcohol Interventions at Western Washington University - Patricia M. Fabiano

The Rowan University Social Norms Project - Linda R. Jeffrey, Pam Negro, DeMond Miller, and John D. Frisone

The Small Group Norms-Challenging Model: Social Norms Interventions with Targeted High Risk Groups - Jeanne Far and John Miller

PART III: Expanding Social Norms Interventions to Other College Student Applications

Perceptions, Norms and Tobacco Use in College Residence Hall Freshmen: Evaluation of a Social Norms Marketing Intervention - Linda Hancock and Neil Henry

A Social Norms Approach to Building Campus Support/or Policy Change - William DeJong

PART IV: Young Adults and Social Norms Work beyond the Campus

Misperceptions of Peer Alcohol Norms in a Statewide Survey of Young Adults - Jeff Linkenbach and H. Wesley Perkins

The Montana Model: Development and Overview of a Seven-Step Process for Implementing Macro-Level Social Norms Campaigns - Jeff Linkenbach

PART V: The Social Norms Approach in Middle and High School Populations

The Imaginary Lives of Peers: Patterns of Substance Use and Misperceptions of Norms among Secondary School Students - H. Wesley Perkins and David W. Craig

Most of Us Are Tobacco Free: An Eight-Month Social Norms Campaign Reducing Youth
Initiation of Smoking in Montana
- Jeff Linkenbach and H. Wesley Perkins

Using Social Norms To Reduce Alcohol And Tobacco Use in Two Midwestern High Schools - Michael Haines, Gregory P. Barker, and Richard Rice

PART VI: Further Applications and Challenges for the Social Norms Model in Promoting Health and Well-Being

Parents' Perceptions of Parenting Norms: Using the Social Norms Approach to Reinforce
Effective Parenting
- Jeff Linkenbach, H. Wesley Perkins, and William DeJong

Application of Social Norms Theory to Other Health and Social Justice Issues - Alan Berkowitz

The Promise and Challenge of Future Work on the Social Norms Model - H. Wesley Perkins

This authoritative handbook, which is the most comprehensive guide available, helps practitioners apply social norms marketing techniques in diverse populations (students, parents, young non-college adults, etc.) in different environments (middle school, high school, college, homes, or an entire state) with different behaviors (alcohol consumption, tobacco use, effective parenting, pro-social actions, etc.)

The Social Norms Approach is published by Jossey-Bass (ISBN 0-7879-6459-X)


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