Alcohol, Gambling and Henry Wechsler

Henry Wechsler has received many millions of dollars from the temperance-oriented Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and his writings have been consistently temperance-oriented.

Now a casino-industry-funded group, the National Center for Responsible Gaming, has given Mr. Wechsler money and he has subsequently asserted that college gambling worries are overblown. 1

That’s news to a lot of people. Wechsler’s conclusion is inconsistent with other evidence and “surprising” to the Director of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Agent, Gambling and Amateurism Activities, who follows such matters very closely.

Perhaps Mr. Wechsler’s conclusion isn’t that surprising. Many would say just follow the money.



  • Simpson, Jeff. Harvard study says college gambling worries overblown. Las Vegas Sun, 4-15-04.

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