Sunday Alcohol Sales Recommended

A committee of Kansas legislators recommends allowing stores to sell beer, wine, and distilled spirits on Sundays in cities that approve it. The recommendation to abolish the old Blue Law has the support of Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

Passage of the recommended legislation would be the biggest change in Kansas alcohol laws since 1986, when county-option liquor-by-the-drink, which allowed bars to operate without requiring club memberships. It would make the state's alcohol laws uniform and prevent any county from reducing the legal drinking age below 21, which is currently possible. However, local option to reduce the drinking age is unlikely. Kansas, the home of the hatchet-wielding prohibitionist Carrie Nation, has a long temperance tradition.



  • Painter, S. Panel supports Sunday liquor sales. Wichita Eagle, 11-25-03; Hanna, J. Committee endorses proposal on Sunday liquor, beer sales. Associated Press, 11-24-03.

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