College Binge Drinking Uncommon

It appears that fewer than one-half of one percent (00.05) of college students in the U.S. binge each year, as defined by physicians and other clinicians. That's the result of a telephone survey of college health service offices at a sample of 24 baccalaureate-granting institutions. across the country.

While one of ever 250-300 college students is still too many to have binged, it's a far cry from the 44% (almost one of every two students) reported using the fabricated "five drinks on an occasion for men or four for women" definition recently popularized in the press. By that deceptive definition, a large proportion of so-called bingers may be completely sober.

Physicians and other clinicians define a binge as a period of intoxication lasting at least two days, during which time the intoxicated person drops out of usual life activities and responsibilities.



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